Such Grabbing Attention

Does everyone agree we all have had those times when it seems like someone played a prank movie from the past only in slow motion to thwart our eyes and attentions ?. To grab our brains and eyes to make us feel that we should call in some experts better than us ? I know I have seen this movie more than once through out my life time. I am not old and not young either. That age which allows us to draw on our knowledge we have gained over all these years. I was hoping this to be right. I will see if I can find the beginning of this particular movie if possible. It is in living colour with all the Grand Majesty and Mystic Wonders of our world. I am almost positive, that we have all seen something so vividly, beyond our ordinary comprehension already, as it opened another window into what actually exists. Yes ;this is absolutely another type of creative wisdom being shown before our eyes. We slowly take this in so that we are never bored or wanting for more in anyway, shape or form. We are going through what is to be resolved, to be leaving us completely bewildered, by what is on the giant screen called life or is it ? Nothing is like what is coming so immediately to us as we look with our eyes and minds and our souls. This movie is some wild and still tame at the same time. It depends on how we accept this incredible experience that lays right in front of us. This is all because we joined the crew of the SBK Eternally Optimistic which may lead us to assume this journey is meant to be after all. But still showing up unexpectedly did not worry the top brass here. Did we order it before we got beamed aboard this ship just to keep things in some type of order ? No, I think that giant screen is so intent on what just happened at that time. After or in addition to, anything that bespectacled the skies lite up with the stars and the suns shooting by as we openly cruise the Theta Librae Galaxy. Further more, this stunning, sustaining flight has our attention locked and loaded. Promising to be more than wilfully blameless and seeing that special incident that occurred just a second ago or was it. That thing with a long, tail, winding its way through our world of planets, stars, moons, and suns with such spectacular fashion lighting its tail with red and orange colours. These are exploding before our eyes that have never seen such a wonder so up close and personal. This scene is made to order so stupendous in the guise of what appears in the light. The role of this matter that perceptiveness is neither here nor there, during this long cruising expedition. The sights are to be taken in and enjoyed due to the fact you may never encounter them ever again. Our ship the SBK Eternally Optimistic is working with the Grizzly Technologies Space Research Organization. I guess this means accordingly we are part of this organization. Are they the ones who put this movie on ? I did find out that nothing of this nature would ever be carried out by the GTSRO Executives. That was the last discussion into who put or started this movie before hand. Check and confirm and then verify the secure guarantee and set the seal on any and all agreements made at this point. Maybe, it can be used as evidence if required in any suit that may show up. But, this long cruising star filled expedition would never be forgotten. Any crew member who saw, and lived through all the surprises, and wrinkles, like comets with long tails that were on fire, streaking through the Heavens. Or some other stunning space art seen in the star lite darkness outside our deep space cruiser ship called The SBK Eternally Optimistic. Thus, nothing was going to go against the actual movie parts that were never cast by studios so please, enjoy them. This it the last grasp of what took place way out among the Theta Librae Galaxy. We had many budding stars as officers on the deck who were all the while keeping everything under control and not just when the potential for danger was noticed and urgently required. How eager was the entire crew in regards to swearing all this had been seen on their long cruise around the galaxy. Ambitious individuals had to be ready to step forward and capture at least their part they all played. At that time everyone must have been near exhaustion, after too many twenty four hour shifts coming back to home base. The entire matter that was discovered was simply disregarded even with all its filmed evidence as they cruised through the Theta Librae Galaxy. So, all the memories of course could be locked away to be brought out any old time. Especially, during every suspenseful, space ship Team reunions. This of course allowed all hell break lose and as everyone stayed out of trouble. No one who was aboard would ever understand why those who controlled the space journeys ignored the discoveries, some of which had never been seen before. Maybe, that is what blew their operating minds, even with all the automatic recording devices placed regularly on the ship : showing the same things as the individuals had shot.

This seemed to be running on empty at the end, but the movie in the lowest part ever produced at that point. Blame them instead they all hollered. What they hollered was not clear either. Why make things simple enough to take action to relief this situation we all face.

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James A. Best-Author-Blogger

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6 thoughts on “Such Grabbing Attention

  1. You know? I don’t know why but this post really made me think. Often, I like to watch old movies and reruns of series’ and movies that were out when I was young. And I do it to see what points I missed when I was young and watched it for the first time and sometimes it’s like watching a brand new movie. Because I’m like, “Wow! I can’t believe I missed that back then!” Thank you for posting, James!

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    1. You are welcome Cherie. I am glad you found your way back to when you watched old movies for the first time. This theme popped into my head when I sat down to create a new blog. Thank you for the big like !!

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