Is This Supposed To Happen

You know some times when it rains nothing falls out of the sky yet it is supposed to be wet rain coming down. All that is felt is aches and pains due to not being able to trust the guy next door let alone someone you could trust before this day occurred. Makes sense right at least it does to me said Krek Strokoiks. He recalled,that life just might turn on you with no warnings involved. Krek moved to this place because of it everyone raved about the natural beauty and the warmth of the people. The twin yellow suns kept the planet nice and hot so the rest made no sense to Krek at all. The planet Chebonoe was the best place in the entire galaxy at least it was prior to what took place. How and what turned things so badly against me Krek kept saying over and over. Lousy people were not to be residing on Chebonoe at any time well maybe I am going over board Krek decided. But, something did take place and sent the waves of karma against him. Even in deep space strange things did occur from time to time. Krek was going to hire someone to help him figure things out. Who could he trust being a new comer to being kicked around and around in circles for no reason that he could think of right now. The Twin Yellow Suns were they not meant to protect everyone from any form of attacks. Krek felt so lonely and blue as his feelings were crushed by all this weight of fear coming down upon his soul. An enemy he can not see is very dangerous indeed let alone kind in any manner. Maybe, those mean stone masons from the next neighbourhood might come work for him he thought silently. Yes, they had the ability to crush all stones into dust if need be. I would pity anyone who dared to cross me again with these stone masons on my payroll. Were they going to be able to see the silent invisible types who seemed to have done all this damage to me and my reputation ? Once my rep was gone there was basically nothing left of me, Krek had determined already. Krek Strokoiks had been involved in mining Brulium ore for about two thousand years. Brulium ore was incredibly valuable as a fuel source for all the deep space cruisers and other flying ships. Krek ,had many contracts with every planet that produced their own flying equipment.They required these to research the entire galaxy and universes beyond this one even though it might take many centuries to carry this out. And now his life was dumping on him in buckets of unseen rain fall. He felt so cold inside Krek automatically created a long nonsensical story line to find out why this crap was taking place right now. Krek almost said he would trade all of his Brulium then he regained his senses before saying it out loud. He did own many other mines across this galaxy already in all types of ores and minerals. He was not hurting for money or homes or offices etc. But. now someone was out to get rid of him and his future he worked so hard to have in this time and on many worlds. Time was running out on him and he felt helpless and completely sick to his stomach as his nerves were burning up inside of him. They were wrecking his vehicles and his homes one by one. Back in those bad days before this part of the galaxy was brought under control by the Vortex Security Swat Services; They eventually merged with the Mercury Mysticorps Military Weapons Forces. Those joint companies were unstoppable when they were called upon or decided to run out enemies from far far away and were sent flying back there with the giant guns of the clean up forces who run this galaxy now. There had to be a way to hire them to bring their cleaning corps to aide me in my simple requirement to dump thieves and despicable people who attack when I was not home ever. I was ,Krek was saying not a very nice easy going individual when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe, I should come out of retirement and show these goofball sick twisted thief’s what fear as was all about. Krek felt, it would be perfect to hire guns to create the perception of death being imminent for them all. The stone masons were seriously one group not to play games with. The two security groups that cleaned up this galaxy well they were twenty times worse and enjoyed working. Krek Strokoiks, decided there and there to go hire them and leave his problems with them. Yes, then Krek could kick back and relax in order to get his mining and ore businesses going large. He knew this was the only way to keep his thoughts centred and on business creations. Life was far more important that worrying about things he knew nothing about truthfully. He was after all one of the largest mining and ore operations owners and managers in any of the ten galaxies in this location of deep space. Work was speeding along and going great with no break downs. This made Krek think about his worries that he dropped off to his new associates were going ? In a few weeks from now he had it in writing that they would not be around any longer. Not in this Universe for sure. Krek and his crews had a super time for so long after that was what seemed to be over. When, one day the associates turned up to have a talk with Krek about things. Krek met with them and came out smiling ear to ear and not another word was ever mentioned about those bad peoples.

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6 thoughts on “Is This Supposed To Happen

  1. Awesome story, James! Sounds like he had some pretty jealous people working against him- people who resented his success. And because of it, he’s now battling the invisible rain of depression. Keep writing! πŸ™‚

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  2. yes that inner thief of our happiness and balance is the worst kind … mind training is the best battalion against those invisible monsters! No matter our wealth or prestige nothing but positive thoughts can protect from them … take care friend πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you Kate. I wrote this as it just jumped into my mind when I was wondering what to write that night for my blog. Not many people liked this one. Oh, well I think creating blogs that are different from what we always write is important. It allows us to flex our creative muscles in different directions. I enjoy doing that. This was not reflecting my state of mind that evening at all. It is good with God and Jesus Christ in my life. Writing is what I love to do just like you Kate. Glad you stopped by to read this and comment on it.


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