The Most Important Guest Tag #1

I would like to Thank Mrs. Holliman @GOD’SLOVE for tagging me into this Tag. I am grateful and humbled that you have thought of me. Her blog is filled with the Love that God has for each of us. Her blog is inspirational and heart warming. I pray that you all will come check out her blog and give her a follow if the urge strikes you.

The Most Important Guest Tag

” Behold, I’m standing at the door knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come into you and feast with you, and you will feast with me “. Revelation 3:20

Here Are The Rules :

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to their post.
  2. Link the original post ( The Most Important Guest Tag) and give credit to the creator of this Tag ( Purple Rose)- The Reluctant preacher’s daughter From Purple Rose : ” I heard someone talking one day about how people would believe if Jesus showed up at their front door. I thought that would be a good idea for a tag. Good for self-reflection and fun. “
  3. Answer the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose.
  4. Tag as many people as you like.
  5. Use the Original Tag Image as the Featured Image on your post.

Here Are The Questions :

  1. Jesus has shown up at your front door, how long will it take you to answer the door ?I would immediately go and answer the door. We will know when Jesus Christ is coming.
  2. Is there anything you would want to put away or hide before you let Jesus in ? No, I have nothing to hide from Jesus Christ besides he already knows what we were doing.
  3. If, Jesus loooks for your Bible, where will he find it ? He will find it on my coffee table along with a Triplicate copy of The Book Of Mormon.
  4. If Jesus asks you to play the last song you listened to, what will it be ? That depends on what music I am playing when Jesus Christ asks me.
  5. If, Jesus asks you to put on the last TV show, movie or YouTube Video you watched, what will it be ? The last show I watched was ” The Property Brothers Buying & Seling.”
  6. It’s dinner time, what restaurant are you taking Jesus to ? I am going to take Jesus to my kitchen and cook him a healthy supper.
  7. Do oyu invite anyone to join you for dinner or do you want to have a dinner alone with Jesus ? This depends on if Jesus is open to having others come over.
  8. Jesus has never eaten at the restaurant you are at, what do you recommend He order for dinner ? He does not have to order as I am cooking Jesus a good healthy meal at home.
  9. As you are eating, you look to the entrance and you see the one person who’s hurt you the most. What do you do ? I will go forgive them as Jesus has forgiven me.
  10. Before Jesus leaves, do you ask to tkae a picture of Him on your cellphone ? No, that would be disrespectful. I would just ask him to keep loving me and watching over me and thank him for everything that I have had in my life.

I Am Tagging The Following People If They Choose To Participate :

  1. eguyadeen3 Quiet Moments with God
  2. cheriewhite Chateau Cherie
  3. chasingthemaximumlife ChasingTheMaximunLife
  4. kinge @presskevin
  5. Maria Cristina Gina Baroso
  6. gifted50 JustPene
  7. sheetalgarg @sheetalgarg99
  8. ilovejesus1175 @ilovejesus1175

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