Not Tonight, I Have A Headache

That is true I do have a headache but I need to write a blog or people might think I fell asleep early or something. The truth is very open and transparent right now. Lets, say that there was no movement for another six to eight weeks. What would we have to do ? First things first. Last night I went to bed and was asleep right away almost. Finding out the truth in any matter is difficult to say the least. In this case one person who will step forward will get the refund money. Story first that then, has to be checked out to ensure he is not planning to rip this place off twice in one month. The conman is demanding more money and transportation to a safe airport then continue after but he is not sure to go yet. What is going to be the end play for this conman ?

Even though this is happening here on our planet with no previous record of such things taking place. What should anyone do to try and apprehend this conman from some other planet from another galaxy he says ? He is from another planet for sure his looks are a dead give away as our people do not have those piercing black eyes situated far back in the eye slots. His face is some what distorted compared to other people that have arrived here from deep space on the other side of no where. It has to be no where as we have never been that far away yet in our research trips around even our galaxy. One might think after one month that a thief would leave for greener pastures correct but not this guy.

We live on a planet that is warm and has features that are respected and desired by other planets. I guess our planet which is named ” Igraenides Nairia DG 27″ has to be the envy of the galaxy. How ever, if this never was allowed to be leaked out we could save our planet and our way of life etc. Bring the top people into this hot issue as they have the types to defuse anything and it usually goes away period like it never took place. Is there anyone in charge of asking the President for his delicate opinion about what was taking place. This does not proceed until we can get the confirmation from the President unless he has knowledge on us then everything reverts back to us controlling the total area like always. We sit tight for a short time period for now.

From this point forward we are to be called this name etc : Alphaware Deep Space ReSearch. All the rules are important from day one. This research excavation is incredibly important to us as a company. This may lead us to the top level of deeper research very soon in this area. The future is incomprehensible but the numbers are to be very high in few time periods from now. Which means we will possibly be extremely well off enough to buy newer equipment as we will be requiring to keep moving forward. The dream of our Company is to be more than single owners of this venture. We have the team to pull this off and the brains and top equipment to make this come true. In all the history of our company we have never pushed any company to sell or else its over for your company. We advise that you take the time available to to make a proposal to sell your company in real terms. We already are aware of the total worth of your company. Our auditors have indicated that your company under our umbrella would flourish in the first year and more than that in the future years. But only under our umbrella of companies. Negotiations are going well really. They know we could make them sell but we are simply asking to have them deliver the company to us here. Have they been invited to see how things will exactly be one year from today ? Please maybe do you think asking them to a Breakfast Meeting with our entire Board would Sway them at all anyone ? Another point to think about so make sure you have all your top thoughts good or bad. Bad does come in handy at that last turn of the corner. We need this conglomerate in space to succeed where no others have gone.Wouldn’t be a grand view of being first to do all more than ever before everyone ? Another point to think about. Lets split up now and we will reconvene in a weeks time.

That week flew by extra fast. So , today we have to go over all the proposals we studied or were to study all of them. What is the direction we take us in and them to get what is the best possible out come for us. The new name of our company should reflect our past and our future. I think it should stand out with great colors by a great well known artist. This approach in corporate take overs is very mild or timid to use another word. I see that both companies are going to be seen as the ones who literally turned our planet into a universal household names.

The time has finally arrived that we invite the entire Boards Of Director’s to a meeting to finalize the sale of their company to us. We are willing to buy them all breakfast as this notice is short time notice. Lets wait for their answer. Till then let’s check each page of our take over bid. Just relax and slowly make your way through them all. You are all the best people in your fields of study that is why I hired you for the positions you are in today. With out you all I would not exist either. After we are done today we should go out for a celebrity dinner to celebrate. As we know the ball is in their court so to speak. They should return in about an hour of our time. Let’s show ourselves we are the reason our company is so well off and the position it is on the top lists of companies around the world.

After we waited for just over an hour the Team from their company returned to talk more about our acquisition of their company. As, it turned out the meeting was over in about twenty minutes. And we got to buy their company. That was something that made me feel good inside for a long time. I know we all earned our raises and bonus checks. God bless everyone involved on both sides today. Amen.

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