The World Has Heroes

I feel it is time to tell the world exactly who her heroes are since this Novel Corona-19 Virus struck out at her residents back in March of this year. My Heart and Soul have been scorched by this deadly but not everyone gets the virus and passes away. Those individuals have over come Corona Virus and survived. Yet, The Novel Corona Virus has taken millions of people world wide so far. I pray like everyone around the world that a cure can and will be found. We do owe this to the current generation at least that much. My Heroes are not just the ones that are Our First Responders like Ambulance Workers, Our Front Line Workers like Doctors and Nurses, Our Heroes that bring food they made to those Front Line Workers Who Can Not Do That for Themselves, Our Heroes and the Heroes that wash the Hospital Beds, hallways etc each and everyday. These all put their lives on the line to protect our beloved Elderly Grandparents, Our Aunts and Uncles and Fathers and Brothers and Sisters and Nieces and Nephews and Our Cousins. Our Heroes lose their lives to Corona 19 Virus. There many others who have set organizations to deliver food twenty-four-hours a day.

There are many others who constantly have done work to help the less fortunate in many non-traditional front line workers. These are the ones who set up Foundations to help provide that thousands of givers can do what is dearly required daily. There are those who are able and willing to assist by being among the World’s Top 50 Influencers. These 50 include one particular Individual who set up a Foundation to help less fortunate children. His family is also part of the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation. His name is ” Adigun Temitayo “. This incredible dear friend of mine is such a kind, warm, caring, and loving person. I mention Adigun Temitayo because he has such huge loving heart. We met on Twitter as he helped Introduce The Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation. Over those years many others have joined together doing lots of different activities to assist the less fortunate across the world. This Corona 19 Virus is no forcing these World’s Top 50 Influencers which includes many others who are just as determined to help the less fortunate. I just wanted to spread some names so the world can know these World’s Top 50 Influencers.

I can not name any more of the Heroes around the world but we each know more of them. They will keep doing these wonderful methods of assisting during such phenominal Pandemics. God Bless You All and He Will Watch Over Them. Amen

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