Here Goes The Thoughts

I am just sitting here thinking of what to follow the title with besides just words all in a row. Have you ever had one of those moments when things go off the rails without any warning at all ? This could be one of those times just maybe, maybe not. I will know when the last words are created for sure. Besides what is a good story worth these days ? Lots of readers may know and newspaper owners know that one as well. Reporters are another group who knows exactly what the cost involved is to newspapers. Television news reporters are another group who should be aware of the costs in their industry. Just some thoughts to get things going on this blog. I do not get paid to write my blog posts just write them because I love making up stories for people to read and enjoy them. Why else spend time creating characters and pitfalls and plots and sub-plots etc. ? I would think most writers hit bumps in the road while thinking things up and not watching where they are going. That could cause a pile up some where in the hard drive right ? It is Thursday night here and my mind is slowly getting into gear. I just started playing music on Spotify which is a great app to have trust me for sure on that. Music some how feeds my thoughts with ways to make weird things up as i type away on my key pad. I took typing in school we had no choice back in those days on the prairies. I could do alright when I let my mind run free with the brakes never grabbing and stopping me to suddenly unexpected. I did alright at life sort of anyways it landed me here on this creative which was a awesome way to learn to be a good writer. Or a better writer than I was. It is getting cool in my house as the night air temperature drops off further every minute and fall is not here yet. This winter is going to be cold again as usual with the mercury hitting minus 30 or more with out the windchill being added in. I might be wrong, but after living here all my life I know it is going to be cold and colder by next year; before spring comes sliding in to save us in the great white north. I am not allowed to put the words I was going to use back there a sentence or two ago. I changed and I have to answer to God and Jesus Christ for words I say or use in blogs or my books. I am careful not to do things like that any more. Not that my stories ever have X-Rated words or thoughts in them right or wrong. I am not sure but I keep things nice and clean to have everyone appreciate them even more. I try and keep myself on the straight and narrow as the saying goes from my memory. Maybe, things are unfolding naturally as the night goes along. I have a sore finger and when I use it the pain sucks but I do digress to much into my soul or mind. I am determined to keep going until I have filled this page up with enough words to complete my blog for tonight. My eyes are getting tired slowly but surely. I can not fail in my attempt to have this done before I fall asleep at the keyboard. I can always crank my music up full blast because I have no close neighbours here and the birds have not knocked at my door to ask me to keep it lower. Neither have the coyotes or foxes or skunks come calling on me about the same distraction to their sleeping patterns. Those animals may not sleep at night come to think of it. At this time of year they have to put on more body fat to get ready for the annual hibernation period coming up. The bears have to rush around to eat all the berries that are left hanging in the trees or raid the garbage pit at the local dump. This time of year which is part of the hunting season certain animals hide away after hearing rifle shots whizzing by their ears or bouncing off the trees around them. So, you do see how hard it is keep focused on creating something that resembles a good story line without mixing up story lines. Or a bad joke right sorry. My thought process is alright it is that darn finger that is sore that gets to hit the keys when I get excited and write to fast again. Getting old is not easy either but I am still young at heart. It all has to count for something sooner or later. But, then again no one says it has. Maybe, I should put on some hard rock and roll to get my thought pattern moving and shaking again. I found some great old rock from the olden days when I was truly young. I think I have found the ending for this blog post. I have to say good night before I fall head down on this key board. Thanks for hanging around with me to finish this off. Much appreciated to you all.

8 thoughts on “Here Goes The Thoughts

  1. The truest statement of art’s call that I have read recently James: “I do not get paid to write my blog posts just write them because I love making up stories for people to read and enjoy them.” Keep creating, Brother!

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    1. Thank you Brother Richard for this compliment. Yes, we both enjoy writing to the enjoyment of others. I will keep creating posts as I know people do read them and that is good to be aware of Richard. Thanks Brother Richard !!

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