Supreme Defence Forces

These extreme supreme defence forces were all based out of the planet Xebbyria. The most top secret teams maintained their home base here. As no one ever knew anything was even here. When anyone passed by it looked like an old dusty crater filled world with no hope for it. As you all see from your walk through that everything is here and all underground. The air filters through a double secure filter system. Noiseless and that is desired by us for sure. We have all secure connections to hook up with all agencies and have them here in mere hours. Living underground is actually pretty cool that is true trust me. Who am I ? My name is Vatead Zenkain and I am a Flying Officer with the Supreme Defence Forces. There are other people here from other planets in our Galaxy. Which makes our name unique and effective being the ones to take control of any forceful situation any where. Our group is made up of members who are part of the top officers from all planets. In this group are those who take command of us all. There has to be officers who are trained in all facets of interplanetary war in case things change drastically. Which is why the supreme Defence Forces was organized due to an unexpected armed assault by some foreign invaders a few light years ago. We have used this time to gather around with all the other planets which orbit the twin yellow suns. It is not strange being so thorough and strict when facing the unknown aspects of war with other life forms in this universe. This planet Xebbyria is the perfect place to be it looks like it was through a terrific war at some time in the distant past.

Now, the underground life suits us fine as everything we require is here with us. Nothing can give us away to any approaching alien aircraft or those passing us by. We are aliens to other places but this is all we are sure of besides training for war. The people here are always in great spirits and laughing and joking when ever they can. I do believe this is why they were hand picked to serve here in this giant underground cavern. I know that I am of this same nature which is why I volunteered to come here to help defend our planetary system. A lot of things could be done when not working. Like playing games, and getting groceries at the store which carried a very large assortment of foods. We had separate quarters to live in unless we had families staying with us here. Then of course larger quarters were available for families. Families only came once or twice a year to visit because it was safe and unpenetrable by other forces. Plus, this always increased moral among the residents operating here on this base.

There were more planets surrounding our planet that looked the same on the surface but there were no people living on them. Which makes us hiding underground on Xebbyria the perfect location by default. Still we never ventured past the edge of the curtain so to speak which is the place where darkness starts to come at us. The lights we use here have to be hidden in complete darkness just past our entrance way. I enjoyed my work assignment as a radar screen watcher looking for enemies who decide to check out our planet. In that case we would have to sit tight before making any decision to shoot them to explode into small fragments similar to space dust. We also are looking for more planets to move to should a terrible incident takes place. I really truly enjoy this assignment more so than the other one. Now, you know how it is why we have become an underground society on Xebbyria. The best part of being here is the heat from the twin yellow suns which are allowed to soak into our underground home. The best heat available that does not give our location away.

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