The Red Rusty Terrain

People talk can talk about Mars with red dirt but I knew someone who lived about one- hundred and thirty light years from Mars. He said nothing has anything on the red rust Terrain of his neighbouring planet. At different times of their years the winds would soar across the surface at over the speed of light. Kicking up a cloud of red rusty dirt that spun in circles for hours and hours after the winds died down. He was a real honest person who served with the Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue most of his life. That was during one of his five year missions when he noticed that red rusty dirt blowing around on the planet Peccaegantu. Weird name but some shock with those winds roaring across the surface at light speed or faster most of the time. As described by a real live space traveller by the name of; Grabta Lainsu. Grabta served with : The Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. His story mirrored his buddies about the winds blowing the red clouds of dust soaring across the top of the planets surface at over the speed of light. They both had such vivid recollections of that time as they rounded the planet ; Peccaegantu. Names like those stuck better in our memories than everyday routine names.

Grabta Lainsu was originally from another galaxy far far away as well. In another totally different universes within another galaxy. He was a smart student who honed his skills to suit them to The Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. All his courses were geared to fit like a glove right into their system. He graduated with honours with a Major in computer science with a Minor in Search and Rescue Management. Needless to say he left home shortly after leaving High School. He was going to train part time on board and six months back in their University over there. He had to learn more about the Newest deep space cruisers from top to bottom as an officer of the deck. Plus, they required of their recruits to be open to such challenges in their work environment. Grabta did all this to learn everything to be able to go on five year missions researching new worlds where maybe no on else had been there. This is part of what drew up into taking those University courses he took. Travelling was something that pulled at his heart strings so again he had the vocation to allow this to take place. By the time he was going to retire he saw most of deep space surrounding his galaxy and his universe. So, lets take a walk back in time for Grabta to recall some of the highlights of his life so far.

Grabta after all served with the Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. Their main work was to assist in rescuing anyone in deep space if their cruisers broke down or medical problems, etc. All together Grabta says they probably rescued several thousands of people from some dangerous situations over the years. He, being Grabta, signed probably five or six of those five year mission contracts. some of the times they were so far away they allowed him to sign up while on duty and extending his five year missions. Grabta, never knew from one rescue to another if it was just to try and steal their ship. That was never going to be allowed to take place ever. All in all Grabta told us that did actually happen once and it was stopped very quickly. No one was injured or hurt and people were arrested over that one. Which seemed to cement in on other worlds that they were in fact just a search and rescue super cruiser out in deep space. And they were also part of the Fleet of super cruisers that were docking with other planets if it was possible. They were part of the much larger Fleet of Super Cruisers. All part of the Umbrella organization called ; Temauth INtergalactic Intelligence Services Mission to sign up new worlds for protection from enemies if they have any. Plus, there were other points of mutual concern to be discussed and worked out in a much larger setting on their planet. With their leaders was the only way for this to go ahead as planned before they left their homes for five year mission.

Now, that this giant sized mission is there it will be awhile before we find out the desired results were achieved or not. This planet’s name is the : Igraenides Nairia DG27. They are in the unknown and uncharted area of the universe they are in.

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