The Giant Arc of Lights

Just try to imagine yourself waking up and seeing tremendous blasts of varied colours coming at you on the planet Sucranus. Which is situated out in the Serpens Centauri Galaxy. This mornings spectacle was not expected at all. So, Aekkuelhaver Foliutha to say he was shocked and surprised was an under statement. He dressed as fast as possible and took off into the front yard of his home. He grabbed a chair and plunked it down to take in this spectacular light show !!

These are just some of the majestic light show that swept over Sucranus early this morning. Aekkuelhaver Foliutha had the incredible seat looking directly at it while comfortably sitting in his chair built for the outdoors. He was stunned, surprised and out right shocked at what he was enjoying. Nothing had ever taken place like this event before. Everyone on the planet was going to have a different memory of this gorgeous light show playing before them all this morning. Just, a miracle that had to be many light years in the making Aekkuelhaver thought. How else could such a beautiful, fabulous light show erupt in this manner ?

The way that everyone seemed to get the message at the same time was stupefying to say the least. What ever it was that created our morning live massive light show it had to be just because of a higher power. Since, our people are known for being peaceful and friendly throughout this galaxy maybe this brought about our miracle massive coloured light show !! We always accepted everyone from any and all galaxies across our universe as friends. This must have paid off for our benefactor to play such a stunning massive coloured light show on the gigantic natural screen in front of us. None of this would ever be forgotten in our era and all those to come in the future. So, lets all relax and take in this colossal live event this morning.

I only imagine the talks which are going to take place here on our planet Sucranus before they are told to our visitors. For now please enjoy and have fun at the same time.

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5 thoughts on “The Giant Arc of Lights

    1. No, Cherie I found on those on line. You can find free ones or free pexel ones but use free only. They have huge supplies of pictures if you need them. I use them and you liked these ones. I like doing that sneak a picture or two in at times.

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