Sitting on The Edge

From where Qherqikex Bertagonikle was sitting with his pet Mammoth Spectres; he cloud look across the stunning valley of the Forbidden Mountain Range. The name arose from some space explorer who arrived millions of years ago. Qherqikex Bertagonikle felt the name fit this area perfectly. Why it was called The Forbidden Mountain Range did not ring true to his eyes or heart and soul ? Yet, the natural beauty of the colour’s resonated with so much power that spoke of having no on ever ruin this special location. He came and sat here most evenings after his home work was all done. It was just a short walk from his family’s home. His pet Mammoth spectre was named Jester. The ability to see so far across the incredible distance to the other side of the valley seemed stunning to him. He could also see lots of nearby big and small star constellations. The deep space universe they all lived in is the Alpha Prime Calphus Haven Universe. This is just right of the Gragger Planet which is close to the Comet Centaurus as it makes it’s long trip through this area. The turn can be easily seen long before you arrive at it. Jester loved the short walk as long as Qherqikex took him along on his nightly jaunt to view the valley of many colours. Qherqikex Bertagonikle was learning these star constellations as part of science class for his degree in space research studies. Yes, he enjoyed learning as far back as his mind went. The local University which is The Alphecca Mountain University of Inter-Galactic Studies which had an enrolment of some 2,500 students every semester. The city had a wonderful friendly name as well, City of Borysthenis.

City of Borydthenis was very attractive especially when the spring sunshine allowed natural greenery and flowers to burst open with majestic colours beyond belief. That is one reason students came here to study at the University. On top of that there were twin green moons orbiting this gorgeous and superb planet called Sippe Pongilles P04. The twin moons stuck out in the star filled skies which is what draws visitors to this area of the planet. The top views are from the heights of the Forbidden Mountain Range. For some reason which is due to the majestic colours which spread across the gigantic valley below.

This is a quick shot of one site where the most stars are situated to surround the other planets. Which is why visitors flock to our city and this wonderful area. There are no finer sites to shoot pictures o Sippe Pongilles P04 any where. Except high above and to the right of our home planet which Qherqikex Bertagonikle. Let me find one more gorgeous site full of stars and constelations for you all.

This gives us the view from one of our deep space SSW Janissary 27 which is a new type of deep space flying machine. This when it goes out will be its maiden voyage and filled with newly graduated Flying Officers, Engineers and medical staff and cooking staff as well as laundry personnel. I will bring up one of the photo’s of SSW Janissary 27.

As you can clearly see our deep space cruisers are remarkable to say the least. This is what also brings visitors to our fine city the international space machine creation department and with the final designs to go on their maiden voyages from here. Now, one can say that Qherqikex Bartagonikle loves being here for his education and for the stunning views he has just a short walk away from his parents home. He is honoured and humbled by being able to study to go out into deep space one day soon.

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