Small Joys Tag

I would like to thank Chateau Cherie for nominating me for this Tag. I am honoured and humbled to have been nominated by someone who has such an incredible blog. Cherie is an extraordinary writer who blogs about bullies, and anti-bullying antics. And how everyone is effected growing up if they were bullied. You should really check out her blog to get the full messages : https:Chateau

Thank you Chateau Cherie for Nominating me for a blog where I can describe some things that make me happy !

Rules and Regulations of this Tag :

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List fifteen of your small joys.
  3. Nominate Five other Blogger Friends who bring you joy.

Fifteen Small Things That Bring Me Joy:

  1. Having nothing yo worry over. Just have a perfect day which brings me joy.
  2. Watching reruns of old tv shows. Whether it is Friends, Three’s Company, Matlock, Dukes of Hazard. I feel very relaxed and comfortable like I did back in those days.
  3. Writing Books. I have always enjoyed creating a story out a suggestion. Writing a full length book is rewarding and fulfilling.
  4. Blogging. Blogging makes me express things clearly inside of a short story. I enjoy creating blogs for others to read and like.
  5. Short Walks. They relax me with every step I take. I love them more when the wind is blowing nice and cool.
  6. Reading. Allows me to escape the everyday hum drum of life. It allows me to slip into other times far away or near but they enthrall me.
  7. Having a good talk. Especially, when you have not talked with the other person for a long time.
  8. Sleeping in. Especially for very long hours which make me feel refreshed.
  9. Ice Cream. Yes, I know as well.
  10. Music. I love lsitening to music of most genres from the late 1950’s to today’s music.
  11. Hitch Hiking. I have always enjoyed doing this when i was very young. It was safe back in those times.
  12. Watching Good Movies. Just because we all love them one’s. They keep our attention and fill our minds with all sorts of action, drams or comedy roles.
  13. Hot Showers. They are very nice and I always feel revived after having one.
  14. Art Work. I have always enjoyed good art work. The old masters are a given to grab our eyes and hold them. I find newer artists are just as capable depending on the work in inside the frame.
  15. Taking Pictures. I have to admit I always enjoyed taking pictures of Mother nature’s wonders which is just as awesome years later.

My Nominations are :

Mrs. Holliman https://God’





Thank you all for taking the time to read this post ! Please tell me in the comments if you relate to any of the things that I mentioned in my list !


37 thoughts on “Small Joys Tag

  1. So good to read about all these small joys of yours James. Reading, writing, music, walks with a bit of ice cream are such a joy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
    Thank you so much for the nomination. Shall respond

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  2. Congratulations James, a great tag! I can certainly relate to many on your list, watching reruns of old tv shows, walking, reading, blogging, photography, art. Great list you have there. Have a wonderful week!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Έ

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  3. Most of the points you mentioned are so relatable! Reruns of shows, short walks in the cool wind, ice creams, writing, and having a good talk.. Indeed they are joys to cherish! And a day without anything to worry, its so pleasingly divine!

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    1. Thank you for enjoying my Small Joys Tag. We all need those things to keep us aware of what is enjoyable all the time. You are right, a day without anything to worry about is, so pleasingly divine !!

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      1. Hello Cindy Hope that Zoom meeting was a great time. Meetings are where we can express our opinions openly. That is my only comment on it
        Yes I did have a good sleep. Thank you for asking. Talk later
        My desk top shorted out this morning. It is in the computer hospital getting repaired lol Have a wonderful.Hump Day Evening.

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      2. Good morning Cindy. Teaching yoga must be fun and relaxing. I will find out today how good or bad is the damage is to my desk top computer. It should not be that bad at least I pray it will not be

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