A Particle of Disdain

This world we live in should be the Number One Issue of all leaders from all countries. Yet, this does not take place at all. They just want the thrill of holding power over everyone whether they voted for them or not. You know people will not be walked on for ever just look at what is going on around the world we all call home. Do we really truly believe that our bright Blue Planet will come out of this disease ridden state with out any harm ? It is time for all of earth’s resident’s to let their leaders know with lots of loud noise that we are taking back our planet. We know that there has been lots of poison driven into the earth’s atmosphere with atom bombs and nuclear bombs and allowing bombs to be set off with no cares. Maybe, this is coming out of my mind and soul due to the powerful election taking place this fall in the USA. I do not live there but the USA is my southern neighbor that we do lots of trade in the billions each day with cross border deliveries by semi’s. I wish I was on the International Space Station high above our glorious world spinning around the sun while I was spending time up high. This would allow me to see for myself the destruction to our climate and how it has dropped because pollution has dropped because of the Covid-19 Virus. I will see the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forests with fires burning out of control. Smoke does it cause oxygen to disappear yes, I do think it does. Smoke inhalation can kill if you end up with to much smoke in your lungs from any type of fire. The ash I think causes you to require oxygen around the clock until doctors believe you are healed.

I have tons of disdain for all leaders of countries around the globe as they are responsible for lacking the will power to do the right thing. They create fake fights and fake discussions, to lead people astray into areas they have no idea about, they refuse the ideas to fight the correct one to become leaders of their countries. Plus, we are in one of those once in a century pandemic. People are dying around the globe due to lack of true leadership in getting the right way of fighting this Corona Virus-19. They need to force everyone to wear masks when they can not keep the 3 meter distancing. We need to stop going to the beach where others are there in huge crowds. That would help to stop the Covid Virus from spreading into other places filling up hospitals. That is not what is going to stop the spread of this pandemic. This is obvious from knowing when the death toll drops and the infection rate goes down as well. Then we get silly and stop following the top medical advice given everyday. This does make me sad that not everyone is able to follow rules to stop and kill this Covid Virus 19. Why is another question to discuss openly and with heart felt caring for everyone no matter where we are living on earth.

This title is what crosses my mind and soul when I see what goes on from our political leaders with their contempt for all of us and our children. They want to start schools when it is not yet safe enough from what I hear on TV news. Do not children who will be future count as much as any corporation who are given lots of money freely by all leaders which is wrong. I do have a particle of disdain for all political leaders who are in power and steal money to increase bank accounts in the Camin Islands or other tax havens exist. Or they put money in other countries in bank accounts under their own names. This is not right in fact it is sick the way they can get away with such disrespectful display of showing no one is more important than they are. Just open our eyes to see exactly what is going on around our loving planets and our countries where we live. My heart is hurt over this realm of power once they get into office. The records in newspapers or radio will show all this garbage approach that smells bad to make us hold our noses when we vote. That time has to stop this year once and forever to curb this stealing of money that belongs to each voter , and enriching their places where they live. The harm this does I think causes the creation of crime because people do not have money due to this type of behavior from elected leaders of all countries. It causes the drop out rate of kids from schools. This drops the number of good leaders with the education required to be the one type people will vote for in all elections. I have that particle of disdain for all elected leaders of right wing parties who want to crush the power of lower classes of people. It is like low class people are not worth doing anything until another election comes around. some people forget what took place by these same lame leaders. Lets take the time to say to hell with right wing politics and vote from the heart when you listen to those who you should vote for. They are the ones who will create change in our countries which is very important to each one of us. We need to get rid of systemic racism across the world. It is not easy unless but together we can do this I know we can !! Lets get out to vote each vote do matter trust me everyone. If , we all voted instead saying my vote does not matter because it Does Matter !! It takes 51 % to win in an election in most democratic countries but lets give the ones we want in office more like 90 % or more !! Be with me to get rid of that disdain you are carrying and dump it at the ballot box !!

Take care and lets spread the word of change which we all need. Plus, having faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost will help us each day. So lets follow him who will help us through everything.

4 thoughts on “A Particle of Disdain

  1. Hello James, this is awesome! People need to understand that truly power belongs to them. Take responsibility of electing their representatives and also make them accountable when necessary after they are elected.

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