Throwback Thursday Today

I am listening to throwback Thursday Music to go along with my day’s work and toil. Yes, I actually was searching for some things that as an Author should never be this much of an airhead. I do blame it all on my health the last few years but last year was rough. Any way today was some hard on my mind making it think of where that a secret place where I hid stuff where no one else would ever find it. It is so awesome that not even me can locate that spot hahahahaha I am worn out but I have cleaned out the closet in my bedroom almost now. I have 90 % of it done today so I never wasted any time just went forward and looked through everything trust me everyone. I am not a quitter and never was even though I walked away at times when things were not going to work any more. the approach I took today was very direct and pulled things out one item at a time. I went through boxes and huge vanilla envelopes and other giant sized envelopes as well. Yes, I have to admit the top shelf is down by about 90 % of what was up on that shelf. I do not require items form way back in 2011 0r 2007. You understand right. I am not a hoarder either just hold onto items like tax reports etc. As you can see this is a very different blog for me to create and write before the all of you but I trust you all to be honest. I have other things I am going to share with all of you that I came across with my closet cleaning magician tricks and apparatuses. I may have just turned into a mean nasty senior citizen with a huge nasty grudge against all those who are among the ones who do not do what I just did today or ever do such trivial cleaning. I am an educated person who does not have a metal file container. I need one that should be about five feet high and about three feet wide. I want it to hold at least seven drawers to pull out and put files into them. I was thinking about this for the last one hundred years or so. Being wide awake after sleeping for awhile this afternoon I am doing this which I enjoy and love to create stories to be read by all of the world’s eyes. So, let me get going a little further into my afternoon and evening.

This next part was found in an issue of ” Godvine Magazine”. I hope you will like this one.

My wish for you is Jesus,

He is all you need today.

The Mighty God, Prince of Peace

The Light, The Truth, The Way.

He’s with you in times of good,

he’ll be with you when they are bad,

Laugh with you on Happy Days,

Beside you when you’re sad,

So look to him from your heart,

For choices you must make

He’ll guide you, and protect you,

In every step you take.


When , I read this earlier I admit it made me relax when i asked him to help me get through all this stuff. I have more time tomorrow to finish digging through the rest of the shelf and a half. Then I have to search a few other locations in my dining room in my amour is that sound right ? I am sorry my mind is running fast still. I am smiling even though I did lots and rearranged what needed to be done this way. I have almost two white kitchen garbage bags full. One is full the other is about 85% full. This is what setting things aside for a latter date it never arrives until you are put in this position. I know my Mom warned about putting off today that would not be done tomorrow. In other words I should stop being lazy and just do this and get it over with. She always added that I would feel better for doing it today. She was actually right in the end. I am proud of what my Mom taught me for doing good and being bad. I recall my rear end was some sore for days after getting a leather belt across bare butt cheeks. Plus, it was hard to walk fast to get to school or to play after school. I stopped trying once or twice. I did learn that valuable life lesson is better to do good and be rewarded in a good kind way than a sore butt for being bad. I feel my blog is centered around the “Throwback Thursday Approach “. I have the music connected for Throwback Thursday. sorry. I wish you all could hear my super stereo some day. I do love music and have a pretty good stereo hooked up to my stereo. It has two speakers on both sides with a center speaker attached. I also have Hi Definition Sound through my computer hard Drive. With a 5 Band Equalizer for each side. O I do rock and almost fly away with this turned up about 3 quarters of the volume or more turned it up they shout at her. lol I am the one who cranks if full blast. We do not have close neighbors here which is nice. My nearest neighbor is half a block away in the next county hahahaha Just joking. I just sit up on the top of the hill and look down on everyone. My place is at the top of a small hill which is nice because in heavy rains it all runs down hill away from this place. I really love it here in this village where it is very quiet if you can call hearing semis running in and out of our small village from the highway about a block and a half away. Plus we have another highway that also goes north on the west side of our village. It is so beautiful when things turn green each spring and when the trees go into bloom it is just spectacular !!

I feel that i have provided some wonderful peaceful thought to start or end your days everyone. I love you all and God bless you all !!


There is to be no unauthorized use and /or duplication of this material with out express written permission from the site’s author or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to James A. Best- Author-Blogger My place 3187. Thank you for your full co-operation in this. Enjoy reading all my blogs and leave comments. I do read them and do reply as well. Have fun everyone !!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Today

  1. I need one of those boxes James. I have papers EVERYWHERE. Inhave books and books of handwritten writings, but I can read NONE of them now, with having gone blind. So much good stuff gone to waste. You sound to live in a beautiful part of the world.

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    1. Hello Lorraine Yes, I know all about one of those boxes. I have too many of them lol I am sorry to hear about you being blind and not being able to write about all those books of writings you made by hand. Maybe your husband could help you by reading them to you and oyu could write them into your computer. It is nice here in Canada but I think all parts of world are beautiful. God bless you my friend !

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  2. Oh me! I need some boxes myself. I’ve got papers everywhere. De-cluttering and cleaning out closets is a chore and a half but once you’re done! You feel so much, err- LIGHTER!
    Btw, I’ve nominated you for the Small Joys Tag Award. I should have it on my blog in just a few secs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Cherie. I appreciate being Nominated For The Small Joys Tag Award. I agree with both of you on #6 & #8. Will post this later Cherie. Glad to hear from you my friend. God bless you !

      Liked by 1 person

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