That First Summer Was Awesome !!

To be honest no one is going to win such a trivial contest but I know how to set her off at least I hope that is true. One day we were out taking in the new and many sites along the dock at First and Goiania Street. I had to bring our talks inside where we have some control over the way this meeting starts off right, Plus, this new dock was like a promenade and many peoples hang out here during the many evenings. I was a staunch supporter of the many more people being out while Elite scarfs and hats brigade brought all those incredible colorful items. The pictures are where they should be, I agree because I paid for the entire presentation. Nothing should be done faster than required to be. Even then things are or should be built up to the point to provide covers for women and children when ever possible. This area has just been created to allow people to come and mix and learn all about each other if possible. We have food trucks who had asked for our permission to set up along the promenade. We gave them our total blessings to have fun and feed the crowds. We all knew they could make people to eat just as they were great talkers who knew the history of what this place was and why it needed a change. Another reason why our application was picked as the best choice for the entire area !!! We all have to work hard all the time until September when everything returns back to normal. Summer was in mid form and we had to capture audiences in all ways possible as entrepreneurs. By tomorrow morning people would spread to others about the fantastic food and all the great people which we will be rewarded trust us. Can you relate to life long dreams coming true in the heat of the summer. LOL Well, ours was by the looks of it thus far after one day and night. I was anxiously waiting for the newspapers to come out to find out their picks for everything these days ! Another must see daily in any business but ours required it in our Business Plan. This city had everything and every venue possible for special interest business groups if they were active enough to pull the city council or the mayor’s attention. There were indeed a lot to know about running our business in such an incredible city. Maybe, it was picked because we all lived here and owned homes in this area as well. I still think that we could do more to increase the awareness to draw more shoppers down to find our food truck. Business’s need to do a marketing Plan and put it into action before you open any new business. To make it a going concern and keep our business front and center in our lives this summer. All because we had our minds set on next year if at all possible. Both of us as partners have Business Education behind us as well. This puts us up one more notch in the Business Arena. Next year when we both put 100 % of our time and energy into our Food Truck. Then we are going to be back with a smile and a Hello and great food once more.

Our sandwiches were all home made from the bread to the meat and toppings. What more can we say except thank you to all of our customers this first year in The Food Truck Business.


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14 thoughts on “That First Summer Was Awesome !!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment on my Blog Cherie ! Thank you for the Nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am honored and humbled by this Nomination. I will post it tomorrow a I have two other posts to do up yet.

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      1. You are allowed to have one of those moments Cherie. I can see your apology with the crying tears person. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

        I will still do The Sunshine Blogger Award Blog Post. Thank you again Cherie !

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      2. That’s okay, James. Would you believe that I just found a blog where someone selected me for Award Winning Wednesday. And they selected me way back in July! So, I totally get it. I feel like a heel for not seeing it sooner! 😦

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      3. Hello Cherie I do understand how you feel. It is no worse than I feel today. I have not been able to get those Awards Blogs done yet. Tongiht I have a feeling I will get them dome one way or another. Have a super wonderful Saturday evening Cherie !!

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