About That Event

I, meaning, Blex’usso Kmautshs, is who I am, and I was supposedly behind what took place on one of the farthest planets from here about two years ago. They say I am to be held accountable and responsible for that incident on the planet; Wvthsaton XK 34. This is a planet that people have been talking over for two years already. If any mistakes took place do you not think due to incredible winds that all records of anything had to have disappeared since everyone returned two years ago. I , being, Blex’usso Kmautshs, had no role in what took place. I was just a private engineer who was asked to come out and have a look at what was being done and report back to the Company which was : The Woniey Rengvo Interplanetary Contractors. Who supplied all kind of equipment and standard equipment operators and a large number of computer experts. These men and women were to help dance around this space ship’s hot wires and all local rules. If not graft was going to be paid in a form of friendship for ever with these wonderful residents. Who lived on this fantastic planet with full green forests of some kind that out grows most crops here. That is also a good thing because green is the color of our money and you know why right ?

Wow !! This was going to one exciting trip half way around the most of deeper space systems. What a holiday this was going to be as soon as step off this stunning interplanetary Space Cruiser. This is we all are going to be paid those giant sums in salary that ordinary workers were always jealous of. But, I went to University twice to get work like this and no one is going to begrudge me and get away with that insult. Besides I also studied debating skills in two different years in University. I currently hold a B.A. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Minerals. This is why I choose to come with this company of freedom workers who are searching to save their work. No one who works in this industry on all those other planets are going to let themselves go down the drain for a company mistake. Least of all me, Blex’usso Kmautshs, I hold the least of all guilty attributes of anyone in this company. I was hired only about what did I say earlier…..mmmm maybe six months ago fresh out of the graduation program after I received my Degrees. I am alright now the fear has dilapidated and flew away into the stars.

I, Blex’usso Kmautshs, just feel safe to acknowledge that he is not being anything but reliable on this job. This being my first job out of University it is very incredible that it remains tangible in the sense I answer to them for some things but not all things. Especially, during this six month tour to get here passed those huge giant clouds of steam or a gaseous cloud. Lining up for the chance to recreate your breakfast in that food dispensary was a remarkable experience indeed. The slow trip here really assisted all of us to decompress from the uncertainty we all thought we faced. The drama was fake and did not exist at all. So, once that was taken care of everyone relaxed and looked forward to all the fun we could have free of charge any where on this giant super cruiser. As long as the young three women did not get lost on me. lol Just joking. It was late and it is so hot indoors tonight. Some thing inside of me told me to expect to see more of what the crew was all about. That small voice just might be correct after all. Being a easy free to go any where when called upon was my mistake at times. But, mostly it was a very rich and rewarding work in the most remarkable planets and places you could ever be in.

This is what drives me each and everyday no matter what. God is the most loving, caring and thoughtful person we all will ever know. I get lost in his creations with such ease of enjoyment. Thanks to everyone who loves life this way or even if you do not. God made us to love each other and be nice and sociable. He also wants us to explore the Heavens and meet all the new life forms he created way out in far far away places. Lets pursue this avenue of adventure as long as the weather holds us in the right place. I am all in for sure !!

So, this was the way the first six months went as they went further out into the stars and planets heading south by southwest. I know when other beings come across us they will be shocked initially. But we will be effective and positive when it counts. We can tell jokes about our past lifes. We can also sit and listen to other speakers as they relate tales about thier world and what is their first order of business once they arrive at the place on their map since Junior was a small toddler. This spot was incredible andI am tired finally from lack of sleep finally. Be safe and stay in control now matter what.

Please enjoy this blog post and remember you must be able to appreciate those travel buns or not able to make them this year.

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