Out in The Pritoitius Galaxy #2

As written in the last installment I might create a Part #2 or more. Here is my attempt to fulfill my word to all of you who stop by to read and relax. Please, take all the time you want in cruising around my blogs. Creating this edition is going to take some time since cruising around the far flung Kriaptron Universe is going to take up all of my time until the end of this blog.

The Intergalactic Research Defense League is a very unique blend of protecting and locating by digging deep into this area of the far flung Kriaptron Universe. Being the only organized Intergalatic Research Defense League is this supposed to stop us from carrying out sworn duties. No, the exact opposite is to take place out here as only enemy crafts cruise this far out along the edges of the far flung Kriaptron Universe. Our star cruisers are armed with more than enough fire power to capture any and all bad guys we cruise into and around to. This is something like the man date as set up by the Founding Fathers of the Intergalactic Research Defense League. They all felt someone had to be slinking around the dark edges of where trouble usually sat. After the first five years it became perfectly clear there was no doubt that evil space pirates were actually ripping everyone off and ripping off everything that was not nailed down. One of the larger problems was the lack of effective jail ships this far out. This was another great idea put forth by the Founding Fathers which was, to create at the Top University, the ability to build all the different types of space cruisers , supply ships, and Jail Ships that were going to be required. Nothing was left out when things got serious back then. Why else is there all the much required Electrical Engineering Dept’s ? All the Mechanical Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Power Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Scientific Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Planatory Engineering Dept’s required ? Like, I was saying nothing was left out in the beginning of creating the dream the Founding Fathers had for the Intergalactic Research Defense League. Our home planet of ” Gromia QCEU ” has the grounds to hold all these Univeristy Departments and with ease. Now, you know the whys and the hows of where we are today. The Founding Fathers left behind a complete set of blue prints for any other Departments we might in our day and age want to have just to have them.

I wanted you all to take in what some of the strange planets can look like especially when more than one planet is in each picture. Being quiet and careful and using silence like ear plugs we have to more than sneak up on these incomprehensible killer pirates. They are designed to kill first than ask any questions only if they have to. No we are not going to allow them to survive to ask questions ever. Before, you want to ask , yes, the Founding Fathers actually laid down the rules of attacking a known enemy or unknown ones. We are using their rules in all concerns and matters. So, now lets go and get the ones who are stealing from our friends and neighbors way out here in the far flung Kriaptron Universe. At least we have some ideas of where to lay in wait and come out shooting at those wicked, disgusted and dirty underhanded alien pirates.

One last word before we set up our attack patterns. Absolutely no eating or drinking from this point forward. We must succeed in this direct attack. I have complete faith in all of you. Please God Speed we meet back here after the raid. As supper will be waiting for each one of us. You will not want to miss out this some scrumptious, tasty, yummy, mouth watering dish being prepared at this moment.

Lets go !!

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