Time To Get A Grip

All my life I have looked at ways to expand my world into a number of different areas to make a living supporting my travels, my education, my homes and my vehicles etc. But I thought it was time to sit here and have an incredible conversation about music with all of you out there.

One of the best songs from “The New Riders of The Purple Sage” is ” Lonesome L.A. Cowboy”. This song brings back so many memories from my youth. If nothing else we all had good taste in music. This song if you listen to it will wrap you in a cloud from the past with the incredible lyrics and guitar trips and drums in the background. I am currently listening to this song now. I fell for this while doing what young people carried on with back in them there days and times. Through the entire career of The New Riders of The Purple Sage the songs and hits just kept on coming out. Then there was old “Panama Red” who came into town and steals young women and hides away safely. Another great song that tells a story that we all get enthralled by.

Then we found another group called ” The Confederate Railroad”. Another southern rock band that always had us spinning circles. One of the best dancing songs they wrote and performed was “Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind.” I have found so many wonderful dancing songs that stick in my brain. Here is one of my favorite songs by this band ” Bill’s Laundromat Bar and Grill.” Yes, they had all the angles covered when it came to southern rock. ” Daddy Never Was a Cadillac kind”. You should get the old 78 RPM record or the new CD’s and play it loud and roaring around in your fast cars !! She likes Elvis and she likes Andy both strong southern men and a real good song called ” Elvis and Andy “.

The Beatles ” Back in U.S.S.R” is a kind of rock song which is easy on the ears. They had some early hits like ” I Want To Hold Your hand ” & ” Love Me Do ” & Then ” Hey Jude ” & ” let It Be ” & ” Revolution ” & many more great hits through their trip around the record charts !!

I am trying to get a grip after being sick for so long but I am still not feeling well and sleep lots so just know ” I Love Music ” !! With out music life would be empty and not much fun at all !!

19 thoughts on “Time To Get A Grip

  1. Idk if I shud even do this or not.. but I want to suggest you some songs too .. check these out.. and lemme know if you like these.. Bcoz as you said music is guving you comfort rn..so its my little contribution in your happiness..
    Fly me to the moon -the macarons project,,
    Putting a spin on hey there delilah
    Ocean by anuv jain.
    Get well soon sir ๐ŸŒบ

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    1. Hello sheetalgarg Yes, you can send me songs that you think I will enjoy. Music does give me comfort. That is what music is for in my heart and soul. Thanks for the get better wish ! Please, just call me James.


  2. Awesome post! I will continue to pray for your healing! As a music lover myself, music has gotten me through some very rough times! Without it, I don’t know what I would’ve done! Take care of yourself, James!

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      1. Thank you very much Cherie. Prayers take time to work. They have a life of their own until the person you are praying for becomes healthy and happy again. I am still waiting for the results of this 2nd Corona Virus Test which i had Monday the 12th of July. Waiting for phone calls is similar to watching paint dry, right ?? Thank you Cherie I know you are doing your best. I do not expect you to be less than yourself my good dear friend. โค

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      2. I missed you Cherie. I do not feel good at many times. The time will come when they can have a cure for this Covid-19 Virus that is attacking more and more around the world. God bless you, Cherie !!

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