Back On Earth Today

Yes, today is a great day to be back here on earth. I feel so good this morning when I woke up the sun was shining brightly. Just like it was welcoming me back to Mother Earth this Friday. Now, what could I do to please the masses round about who were expecting one stunning story or a incredible report on what I had experienced out in space these last five years. Floating around deep space dodging meteors and other space debris and having the experience of a life time. To be honest, I really did not fully expect to receive this trip at this time five years ago. Now, that I am back here on solid ground my inner being is missing waking up to the deep space filled with stars so close and bright. The many planets and the moons orbiting a star some where out there. Nothing on earth was going to be able to fill that void for a very long time. How ever, I was smiling this morning knowing how people wanted to see me and talk with me. After, five years of solitude except the radio calls with our launch command post back here twice everyday. Than, the radio calls setting me up for reentry into earth’s atmosphere after all these years. Was my body going to be able to with stand all those g-forces of gravity tearing at the outside of my spaceship. My heart knew and felt how glorious today really was going to be to me and my memory of it would never fade or go away ever. The huge smile on my face was going to give away how happy, how stunning they all looked to a long gone astronaut and how beautiful the planet looked coming through the atmosphere. Today was never going to be repeated so I got out of bed and headed to a real hot life shower. See you all later at the celebration at the park.

Who said that one could not be all to everyone must have been bouncing off the walls crazy. Then again, I knew I was never crazy just eccentric at times. If this was possible at an early age like mine. I bet you could not find one person in the park that would even think let alone suggest I was crazy. No, I was just coming home after cruising around deep space for the last five years exploring on behalf of my country. They, meaning the Renegade Defense League, had created this trip especially just for me. Maybe, however, I do not believe so. I wish I could replay the mental tape of everything I saw and did while inside that space machine all alone. I had never before had such an incredible trip full of sensations of grandeur and inhaling shining beams of happiness. Just like today at the park standing beside the spaceship that carried my body and soul through deep space for five long years. People were lined up all around the park walkways and around the block surrounding this green majestic inner city jungle called “Prospect Park”. One might take the name any of many ways long enough to stop and think it over. Even, I would agree 100 % with the name being on the money today, for the hopes and dreams of the city residents, and those in elected office here and in the capitol city of our country.

This was going to be a very long afternoon with more speeches coming along through the next three to four hours of sitting up here on the Dias. Smiling had never hurt like this at any time before in my memory. This exposure was free which meant I was not making money this afternoon. But, it was well worth every minute of being up here, looking out across hundreds of thousands of people standing under the bright, hot sun just to get a look at this astronaut. Still I wanted to retreat into that metal cabin from my spaceship and hide till this afternoon was long over as the sun would glide down past the horizon. My only fear of that was someone was going to come up and bang on it waking me from this dream. Alas, it was no dream as reality had kicked me once I landed in the ocean water. The space ship was bobbing in the warm southern ocean. I looked out the window in the door to see such a magnificent torquise green water with the sunshine looking down on its surface. From that moment until this afternoon flew by like a second in time. Actually, it was just under four days since I arrived home that morning. Life was going to slowly return to normal after today came to an end. So, they told me.

I awoke the morning after the night and afternoon in the park feeling like yuck ! But, bad breath from all those cold pop I drank to keep hydrated. Even though I just wanted to sleep and let the earth orbit the sun in it’s normal day to day fashion. I had enough of space travel for a few years trust me. Or trust the Renegade Defense League who gave me my freedom for the next three years. I was going to have time to write a book about my stunning space tour and do a world tour with my book in tow. Till than, Good night and sleep tight everyone the earth’s atmosphere will keep us from falling off as gravity grabs us to ensure we stay put on earth.

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