Once, Twice, Thrice

I have no idea how long before this will become a new home for such incomprehensiveness. Anyway, this world that spins so fast around those giant yellow twin stars has to grab itself and stop this craziness. I, mean who can say they had nothing to do with trying to prevent our planet, Galvypso, from spinning out of control and slamming into the twin monsters.

Baduk Dhudo, the head of The Xenia Intergalactic Freedom League, had the complete acceptance in his back pocket to perform the magic solution. However, on that last day before the system was to be put into operation he backed out of it. No one to this day has any idea what over came Baduk Dhudo on that crucial morning. Some say that so called advise was not going to work and it required him to change things up. Others say, he was just not wanting to be the only one responsible for the failure that was going to arrive. No would ever know the reason or reasons as they were quickly locked up as top secret. Typical or not the citizens were up in arms and creating chaos for the Xenia Intergalactic Freedom League. What was supposed to be an easy answer to prevent Galvypso from killing them all turned out to be a joke. But, that response was not the right one in that day and time. The people had to keep putting on the pressure and force the government to be honest about what took place. Who could blame the residents of this space rock to not want to look like fools in the Upsilon Aldebalen Galaxy ? The Xenia Intergalactic Freedom League had spent just over thirty-five zillion Golden Gnaxcha’s on this blown experiment. For what some trumped up piece of unpredictable , unimpressible trash dreamed up by Baduk Dhudo ? Nothing like this was ever going to solve this miniwar facing the planet.

Day after day the disruptions and powerful demonstrations kept growing larger and larger. The streets were filled with upset Galvypson’s by the thousands each hour as if the entire population seemed to be fighting this war unarmed, and not scared or concerned. Baduk Dhudo was in hiding with the Xenia Intergalactic Freedom League’s permission. Yet, these fueled up mobs could out last any type of nonaction the League tried to force on them.

These pictures show how intense the residents of Galvypson had become already. Seems to all be ready to take on the Freedom League so create an answer to prevent the planet from being swallowed up by the two yellow monsters. I can only imagine what the mood had grown into by searching these pictures for any evidence of wanton destruction or of civil disobedience. Yet, most of the residents were willingly showing their faces with being scared this had to mean something. I have seem angry citizens on many other planets with less reasons on hand whcih caused total civic destruction across the entire planets. Galvypson, was not ready to turn into a fire pot of wild half crazed people; willing to tear things down until something was done to prevent utter death. Maybe, in a few more days if nothing changed and Galvypson remained in perfect orbit around those two twin yellow monsters life just might turn around slowly. Did the Xenia Intergalactic Freedom League have to keep following this mad house routine attitude ? From the other side how could any sense be made or shown by the people who they were empowered to protect and honor with their promises. Maybe, now the leaders had to take their share of responsibility for what took place these last mob fueled days.

After a few thousand more orbits cooler heads might prevail over the destruction and anger felt by the residents. Maybe, not. I will be sure to inform all of the masses exactly what was going to take place. Or else peace would not be achieved any easier.

Back, to my news headquarters and the latest report was going to air in a few minutes. I wish them all the best during the days ahead. I am off for two weeks and headed for a very peaceful planet two light years away. A much required break from insanity but I promise to return to see the ultimate finish.

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