Author’s Recognition Award

Today is a special day and just as it is The Sabbath Day and just as important Mother’s Day. I was nominated by Mrs. Holliman @ God’s Courage. I am humbled and honored to be nominated for this prestigious award.

Purpose of The Award:

This Award was created by Becoming the Oil and the Wine Blog to support our fellow bloggers who have written and published books or who are in the process of writing a book. You are free to write as much as possible about your book. Ant the reasons why you have decided to write a book.

Remember, we are all winners in the Kingdom of God and God wants the best for us.

Rules For The Award:

  1. Create a new post on your blog using the above picture logo or create one of your own.

2. Copy and paste the Purpose of the Award and The Rules of the Award on your post.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and post to their blog.

4. Include the links to the creator of the Award and the inspirational post : Celebrating and Supporting our fellow writers.

5. Write a grief description of the books you have written or the book you are currently writing.

6. Include a link to your published books or the potential date of publishing.

7. Nominate at least five bloggers who have published a book or thinking about writing a book.

8. Support at least one of the bloggers you have nominated by either purchasing one of their books or sharing the links to their books.

9. If a nominee has not written a book share one of their blog post.

Brief Description Of My Progress :

Let me start off by saying I have written Two Books. I had a dream of one day of writing a book. About three months shy of being on a life long Disability I started to create my first book. I wrote everyday for five months and my manuscript was done. After a short period of editing and graphic design for the cover, lay out and formatting my first book called ” A Walk in Time”. came out march 3. 2010 an adult fiction. My second book was ready as a manuscript so like mt first book the editing, graphic design, layout and formatting etc was done. Finally, on September 6, 2016 arrived under the title ” The Haunting of Marcasite” a horror fiction novel.

I am currently working slowly on a trilogy of an alien invasion. Book One if going through growing pains. LOL This is where I am for now.

5 Nominees For This Award :

  1. River Dixon- Book – The Stories In Between.
  2. Chateu Cherie – Post-Bullying and Human Stress Response
  3. Sheree -Post- 10 Lockdown Learnings

I am sorry that I can only come with three of my fellow bloggers for this Author Recognition Award.

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