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This all started way back in some far far away planet with life forms that were alien in nature. But, what did they know about anything. No one told them anything so they all thought they were the best on and around this planet they reffered to as Cereruta 15. Or on a good day they called this place home. Not one of them any clue as to how they all arrived on this greenish maybe a little yellowish around the poles. For now the common leader seemed to be Ryhzop Blykhelm. . The one huge drawback so far were these gross looking things they called Occult Hellhound. Large four legged creatures with a loud snarl and worse barks. They could imagine how hurtful a bite from them might be. Though once in awhile some of the members saw things that seemed to be more like Mammotth Specters fast critters with long wicked horns. Probably some creature that decided to start trouble on an inter-continental flight. It was dropped off here to fen for themselves. Just like the Mammoth Spectors at some point.

Our ship ” The Phantom Searcher ” was one of the finest meanest and fastest ships any where in any universe or galaxy. Trust me on that ? We are on a decade long search for minerals and ores we need back home. This could turn out to be a bust for us however we had to go to show our people we care for them. Which is true we do. Most of the planets have not even been charted yet. We found out from other space travellers who dropped by for a visit or to trade with us. This is one way of learning from friendly passer byes. Plus, we have our own University to teach our crews and to build interplanetary space ships to carry large amounts of anything we find.

Me and my crew came from the western rungs of the Muzecutania part of the outer banks of the Dreunope Universe. No one knew much about this area of deep space. As, I was saying me and my crew came from the planet Tisoxan B23. My name is Captain Seob Bliffat. My First Officer Guevvhx Wrgalz. My Engineer Xuejhae, My Science Officer Qrumyx Beivalk. My crew totalled 50 individuals. If anyone needs to know who the rest are I will let them know. Until that may happen we need food supplies and water for now. If you might know where we could locate some fuel as we are running low as we had engine trouble and our UR 54 engines are not running right now. Better to let think we are not up to par for today. In fact if or should anyone come follow us our ship The Phantom Searcher would just disappear into thin air. This is all the information I am willing to share and have told my crew members this as well. Being on edge and having a fun time would not make one of them think to long. It had worked in a few other places when we first came around these deep space locales.

We all knew it was going to be a few more years before we returned to our glorious mountainous planet. Many more stunning sights which exist only there.

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