Way Out Of This

Never having been stuck in such a cloister of star fragments the Lecater an Emperial Starship was slowly coming to stop. They Captain named Qherqik Bertagon from one of those huge planets named Ralmiugawa. How he knew that he was responsible for the Lecater and its entire crew. As effortless as it was to give orders for the ship to cruise he felt weird seeing what was out side. His next order would have to be one that showed his skills. The helmsman needed precisely worded orders to enter into the log. Figuring out how to maneuver through such space debris was not going to be easy. No, Captain Bertagon sat still in deep thought going over the many, ideas he knew.

He brought the Lecater to an abrupt halt. He called down to engineering to inquire about how fast they could reach warp speed. They discussed if this was the safest course of action considering where they were. Since the ship was sitting among the star fragments caused by the latest explosion in deep space. If, they did not hit warp speed right away chances were the star fragmentsight ignite. The heat left over after the explosion existed in the tight cloisters of the star fragments. Engineering suggested that maybe going half one warp speed should pull the Lacater safely out of this cloister.

Captain Bertagon retreated to his quarters to rethink his strategy. He knew his Manuel’s held the answer required. After about an hour he called Ivaen, in engineering. They went over the last set of plans the Captain had put together. Ivaen knew this set of plans was an excellent method of succeeding. They would notify the entire crew to give them time to go over their responsibilities.

If all went well the crew and the captain would all be ecstatic. Getting out of this area filled with star fragments would be a first. As no other ship had come out unscathed. The Lacater was larger and faster being the newest ship developed by The Space Command. In about twenty minutes they were going to carry out the agreed upon plan of action.

The call was sent out by the First Officer Uccax Amhoirs. Their ship slowly crawled forward through the star fragments. It was going to take them about three hours to come out on the other side. Engineering kept the captain aware of how the ship was slicing it’s way out. Everyone on the bridge was watching out the front window just in case. However, nothing stuck to the window it all just dropped away. This actually meant nothing was damaging the ship’s shell. They kept making headway as time went on. After what seemed like hours the Lecator finally cleared the star fragments.

The Lecator found a way out of this star fragmented quandrent. Nothing was in front of them except bright star lite space. Warp 10 Speed was called for and achieved.

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