I Was Away Again

I am sorry for not being here the last couple of days. So, hello everyone that is able to read this post. There is lots to learn about that Covid19. I pray for all those effected by this virus. We are all watching something which has never been seen in any life time. Are we all going to stay safe during this virus attack ?

I am one who prays and talks with Our Heavenly Father each day. Praying lots all the time is good for our soul. I also read and study the scriptures everyday which is part of being active in my church.

Plus, I have medical problems to take care of each day all day. I have been this way since October 1996. I was doing very good for myself up to then. But my world slowly fell apart.

Oh well !! Life goes on and that is true.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a short post off. God bless every one. Bye for now.

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