What an Absurd Situation

I know you all love blogs about things that drag you right into the plots as they thicken. This blog from August 9, 2019 is that one. Enjoy !

James A. Best- Author

It was an early Saturday morning around one in the morning actually. Nikola Criston had been out with his friends at the local watering hole called the Gator Hole. The Gator Hole was in fact one of the most iconic bars on the east coast of Konka Soumepu. It had been built in the city of Helagon which had a population of under twenty thousand residents. Nikola enjoyed walking home after the Gator Hole closed up. He admitted to himself that he loved the fresh air and it helped him sober up before he got back home. It was about ten blocks from the bar to his home. These early morning walks were so peaceful and full of natural wonders in the dark. The sky above was filled with stars from one side to the other in the night sky.

What was the Absurd Situation about ? Well, we will…

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