Today Is No Different

This one came from the place all of my blogs have came from. I think it did ?? Hope you enjoy this one from September2, 2019

James A. Best- Author

At least in my train of thought today is the same as any other day with a sunrise and a sunset. However, way back when our parents and grandparents were maybe not even thought of and might have been thought of. Things were a lot different and weird and strange on this third moon called Ahtakla 3. They way the ancestors spoke of such occurrences when this Ahtakla 3 rose high in the night sky over our planet Formeno Totemaki. This stunning, far reaching star filled universe was named after an old old explorer who disappeared into the other galaxies that melted into our universe the Calphus Tendal. Today I should say this as due to having a sun showing itself all the while the Ahtakla 3 chose to spread its magnificence right across the entire face of our star filled arena. The Ahtakla 3 was so bright it out…

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