Here They Come Again

Here is a great story from September 18, 2019. Hope you enjoy this.

James A. Best- Author

Here it is early in the middle of the night and I see the bright green beacons flashing off my bedroom walls. They are signalling me that they are coming once again. It has been awhile since these far away green aliens have dropped in for a visit with me. Must have been around the middle of the year in 2012 if I am not mistaken. They used to just enter into my house and shoot their green orbs of lights off the walls and bounce them off the floors like playing basketball. But where they come from they only play with captured enemy aliens from other star systems. They are very stringent about who is allowed to stray into their galaxy as they are very protective trust me. I know from experience that one does not have any option of playing with these fierce green aliens called Wouddysk from…

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15 thoughts on “Here They Come Again

    1. I have lots of patience and am looking forward to your opinion Mrs. Holliman. I am awake as I slept for awhile in front of my TV. Still not 100 % but getting close to that. Thanks for reading my book next.

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