What Is Alive Inside

Wise words I think they are so. Originally Posted May 3, 2017. Enjoy at a safe speed if driving wildly inside of your body and soul.

James A. Best- Author

Today, I am not sure how to explain what is alive inside. There are many things running around inside of me with out being on leashes. The ones that want to take over are all crowding around my heart. Especially, since my heart is not really alive since it is battery operated and has been for over a third of my life. Does this mean my soul is ice cold and without any cares ? My inner being seems to be like what remains after a huge sledge hammer crushes glass into tiny shards. Where did I put those leashes to secure the wild parts of me to keep my true feelings locked up safe ? No, I know I parked those secure cords some where in a safe place. The one location where things get swallowed up never to be seen again. My fragmented pieces are free to roam…

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