Inspiring Times

Just nonsense writing that might amuse some and make others laugh out loud maybe maybe not but oh well. Read on and enjoy !

James A. Best- Author

We all have those times which build fires inside each of us to get moving forward fast. They make us feel so inspired completely happy full of ability to create magic in everything we create. Hanging onto those moments while we decide what to do in the best way possible. As a writer and a blogger I strike while the irons are extremely hot. This way nothing can get away from my thoughts while building prison cells using words to hold them. My fingers tend to jump faster than my thoughts can push out the words down through my arm muscles and nerves. My heart smiles as the stories take shape on the pages. I truly hope everyone who reads my blogs and books will appreciate how many exact expressions of fear, doubt and anxiety it took to finish off each one.

Trying to compile a story about how I…

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8 thoughts on “Inspiring Times

    1. I am happy you want to laugh while reading it Tammy. I am doing better today this chest infection is hard to get over so far. I am happy and content in a different sort of way. Thanks for your concern Sis !

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