Rainy Wednesday

Fearful thoughts on rainy Wednesday with thunder and lightning strikes. This was originally posted May 24 2017. Hope you all enjoy this one.

James A. Best- Author

How much does the weather effect your thoughts when the rain comes down ? Does the thunder and lightning cause small ripples of fear to travel up your spines ?

I will admit from an early age I have been afraid of loud thunder clapping high above causing things to shake around me. That extreme loud noise made me jump out of my skin at times. Yes, thunder holds the most fearful exclamation possible during severe storms each year. Why I wondered did this have to happen especially in the dark of the nights ? What caused such incredible noise to take place ? I know we were told that people were bowling up in the sky. And thus the really loud bangs and crashes from the balls knocking the pins around. Being young. One does not stop to rationalize such silly things our parents told us. Now, I know…

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