One Look Is All It Took

This is one scary tale told from my conscience. Originally postes May 22, 2017 I hope you all can relate to this Adrenalin rush

James A. Best- Author

I know one look is all it took for me to be completely over powered by those apparitions on the cover of that book. Yes, I knew from that second forward I had to have that scary looking book for ever close to me. Even though I was deathly afraid of any unseen, eerie, hideous beings even though it was just a cover. Inside my nerves automatically went on notice knowing something sinister was hidden inside these covers. I had to have it to explore no matter what or else my life would not be complete. Just, like having to watch a particular show or movie over and over allowing fear to take hold of my soul with an ice cold grip. Books always held a deeper more convincing breed of horrid, noxious, obscene creatures ready to pounce out with each passing word being read.

The first step to desiring…

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