With My Eyes Closed

My brain freeze written May 9, 2017 so I hope you all will understand why my brain frozr when someone came and sat down with me.

James A. Best- Author

I know once we close our eyes and fall slowly asleep our subconscious mind kicks into action. Some times I wish I could record those outstanding visions that take place behind those closed lids over my eyes. Maybe, only bits and pieces remain visible as I wake up from a deep sleep what a shame. There went the ultimate ability to solve my problems with not being able to fly through time. Or was it possible to create a thought machine giving me the ultimate ways of writing best selling books forever ? Only the back of my eye lids can provide any clues to what took place on any given night. My subconscious mind unfortunately does not have a replay button that I can locate any where.

Let us take a close look at what might have occurred on certain nights when I never woke up once. My inner…

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