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I would like to Thank my good friend Mr. Holliman A Happy Life for tagging me in the #Share Your Passion Tag, I admit I like your blog for the great food recipes to increase our physical health. Plus, I love the spiritual food you provide as well. Thank you for inspiring me and all others who follow your blog.

The Goal of the #ShareYourPassionTag created by https;//absolutely true, is for bloggers to uplift other bloggers and inspire their readers. Bloggers who are tagged are encouraged to talk about thier passions out side of blogging, and how to use those passions to help others. Love this !

Rules to The #Share Your Passion Tag:

  1. Repost the #Share Your Passion Tag logo (above) on your acceptance post.
  2. Tag the bloggers site that tagged you.
  3. Share a bit about your passion (s); Hobbies outside of blogging that keep you busy in your free time. What would you like to accomplish with these things ? How could you use yourpassion (s) to be a blessing to others and show them the love of God ?
  4. Nominate ten other bloggers and spread the joy !

Share my Passions :

One of my top passions is writing my books. This allows me to go deep into my creative processes for each one. Plus, I know this helps me build from the inside out to the cover. A good book cover will pull readers into the book. I believe my books will assist readers with finding out how great adventures either true or fictional will expand their knowledge and interests in reading more books. My other passion is my church involvement. I am the one responsible for working with all members in our branch build their family histories. I was chosen for this position and proud to serve my church in this way. I know having a great family tree complete with lots of stories and pictures is a great family treasure to pass unto our children and other relatives. I am very proud of my passions which bring many smiles to lots of people. By keeping God and Jesus Christ centered in my life I can help others be happy.

I am Tagging The Following; If You Want To Participate !!!




A Better Man

View from the back


The powers

The Floating Thoughts

Steve’s Country

Hope to read all you who participate the wonderful responses to this !

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