Alien Jungles

Here is where Paul Tillenger got a lesson in a deep space Jungle. Hope oyu like this old blog from November 15, 2017. I am going to write a brand new blog tonight. I owe Mr Holliman one still.

James A. Best- Author

Can you imagine being on the surface of an alien planet and coming across an lush green aqua blue jungle ? Would this be full of exotic alien creatures brought here after the big bang explosion occurred ? Something actually created this gigantic stunning location superb in wild animals and plant life. Paul Tillenger knew he was not imaging the views he was experiencing here. This was the first time his alien captors had brought him here. Why had they allowed him the freedom to mingle among the wild animals and plant life in this obvious jungle world ?

Paul was mesmerized by what his eyes took in with each step he took. One thing he already realized was the wild creatures he saw were not afraid of him. Some seemed very tame which was odd for here he thought. Then again this was the first time being here among…

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