At One Time

We should look deep deep into what this society is creating as it does not have nay idea of right or wrong. At least in my story hahaha

James A. Best- Author

When I began to write this blog it was just in its infancy like me trying to be a blogger with dreams of being a success. I have found out that people used to read my blogs everyday. Now I have no one coming around to read my thoughts on different topics. I do not think it is because I missed being sick I missed some days. I am trying to be open about what my words I use to communicate with everyone. Alas, readers have turned their back on my blog. Which hurts but negative reviews can be unwritten as well as written. I am going to write only when I feel good enough and positive enough to create a piece that people will enjoy reading.

Tonight is Sunday and I know most readers are sleeping or watching movies or shows. Maybe catching up with politics and the goings…

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One thought on “At One Time

  1. Yes, we begin with dreams but sadly they diminish. People are just too busy or perhaps they hope that others will “follow” them if they appear to follow.

    I really don’t know the answers. I just write till I drop and read what I enjoy.

    Oh well. Keep on writing what you enjoy most.

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