Alien of The Light

James A. Best- Author

Trouble might not be the best way to describe the way life causes certain things to suddenly keep popping out against us well me. Thassud Xilvoir is from Geulades. He had discovered earth a number of years ago. Geulades is actually a real planet way out in the Prime Dimension. He is the Chief Officer of the ship PDR Sgad Curieux. This was his third trip to earth in ten of his years which are equal to thirty of our years. Thassud had a super fast way to get back and forth by using the black holes which bisected the deep space equilibrium at certain spots. This trip he was here for a long time he said to the authorities. Apparently they accepted his reason and this does show we met this space traveler that weekend.

Actually I, my name is Tildi Lipka, was walking along the ocean wall getting…

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