Which Time Was That

I mean how do we really tel what time it was when we went through something in life with out stumbling on our brain. Maybe, we need to rewind our life wouldn’t that be cool ? How else are we going to ensure that what we are talking about is correct and true to the best of our mental ability. Hemicat Bagrance was talking to her long time friend Tadyar Vaborg about her experiences when she was in her earlier twenties out in the Yarsoll Forested Highlands. Hemicat was with her friends on their annual outing to different places. Exploring was the an unique and exciting way to increase their awareness of the world around them. She was very animated about this one real incredible situation they had that time. Tadyar was intently listening to her story as she had his attention glued to each word she spoke. This is just how mental acuity should be a must have when spinning stories from days of old.

Hemicat Bagrance, Meyer Cacklespell, Clariverse Crawfodo, Pana Haverse,Reeya Pontigo and Harmjones Murberg had talked about this plan to climb up and explore the Yarsoll Forested Highlands. They knew from doing the required research that is was a four day camping experience at least maybe five or six depending on what they found out there. These young women were all very able climbers and hikers in that sort of terrain. Each year they would tackle the next climb and hiking experience that fit them all. The Yarsoll Forested Highlands was one of these that fit the requirements they had agreed to. Once they agreed to where they were headed to for their next adventure they spent time at the gym working out hard at least three to four days a week. Their weeks were longer than ours so you can imagine how hard the exercises were on these young tough and in shape young women. Plus, they knew exactly what type of food to pack and ensure enough water was to be brought with them. This one would actually need to have about twelve gallons of water for cooking, drinking , washing etc. Now, you know how Hemicat had Tadyar so well wrapped around her tale she was extolling with precise details the thrills they met along the way.

She told Tadyar of the time when they were almost half way through the Suftonas Summit when they were fortunate enough to spot the cresting of the Yellow Twin Moons. Nothing had prepared them for such a sight that pleasant evening as they laid back looking up into the ultra black night sky. These Yellow Twin Moons seemed close enough to touch for some reason. The brightness struck them as never before in their lives. Was this something of a harbinger of of danger to come tomorrow ? Yet, they all felt at complete ease in the glare of the Yellow Twin Moons staring down on them in the forest. That memory was going to stay with them for life with out a doubt. Slowly each one fell asleep under the spell of the Yellow Twin Moons.

Hemicat and her friends woke up the next morning feeling totally rested and knew those Yellow Twin Moons had worked their magic on them. Tadyar asked if they had ever woken up facing any dangers during any of their climbs and hikes among the peaks. Hemicat told him that their was one cloudy morning when the clouds dropped down on them unexpectedly. It seemed extremely eerie for some reason as to why no one knew. It was not long before before they all became aware of a crowd of Highland Dragonborn. They were the scariest looking things anyone could ever come across in the Suftonas Summit. It was said if you did not make any sudden moves they would just sit and stare at you before walking away. Needless to say Hemicat told Tadyar no one moved because fear held them in the spot they were in. The Highland Dragonborn must have stayed for over an hour before getting bored and left them alone once again.

Hemicat kept spinning stories for Tadyar until late into that evening when he decided to walk home content with what he was told. You can only imagine what else these brave tough young women had been watched by during the dark nights and early mornings out there. Tadyar Vaborg had to admit he was some jealous of them all. But he knew nothing of what Hemicat Bagrance spoke of in reality. Until next time he had the pleasure of being held speechless by her stories he was almost home now.

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