What an Absurd Situation

It was an early Saturday morning around one in the morning actually. Nikola Criston had been out with his friends at the local watering hole called the Gator Hole. The Gator Hole was in fact one of the most iconic bars on the east coast of Konka Soumepu. It had been built in the city of Helagon which had a population of under twenty thousand residents. Nikola enjoyed walking home after the Gator Hole closed up. He admitted to himself that he loved the fresh air and it helped him sober up before he got back home. It was about ten blocks from the bar to his home. These early morning walks were so peaceful and full of natural wonders in the dark. The sky above was filled with stars from one side to the other in the night sky.

What was the Absurd Situation about ? Well, we will get there slowly trust me said Nikola Criston as he sort of stumbled along. Nikola always found the same old bench that had been placed here about a hundred years ago. As usual he sat down to rest and dozed off in a quiet peaceful sleep. He seemed to always find this place every time he walked home from the Gator Hole. So, why did this happen this morning ? That absurd thing took place while he slept as a ghostly form came at him out of no where. The greyish mist which formed around this ghastly being helped it smother Nikola hiding him from view of anyone else. This seemed to transport him away to some old house it smelled rancid as he woke up in the midst of something. Exactly what was incomprehensible to a still loaded Nikola Criston.

Nikola never screamed out loud as his eyes tried to focus on a spot in front of him on the wall. There must have been many spots on that ancient looking wall but one was good enough at this moment. Nikola must have really wondered off his normal path going home or the booze really took over this time. He had many flights of fantasy when he was partying with his friends. Except this one actually was taking place happening in front of his blood shot eyes. His mind hurt as he felt a giant hangover coming on after he finally woke up. There was no sign of anything out there in the surrounding area he was located in. He had yet to think ” What an Absurd Situation ” I am in. Nikola was actually getting sleepy again as he kept looking at that spot on the wall. With out realizing it he did go to sleep. A half sober drunk sleeping it off is no fun if woke up unexpectedly.

As Nikola Criston slept the temperature slowly dropped as the ghastly ghost wrapped in that grey mist entered into this house. This was normal for any ghost creating cold temperatures trying to spook any place. A dead entity is cold as can be with no blood flow any more to keep it warm. The drunk sleeping in that room was in for a rude awakening soon. An obnoxious frightening creature was about to look Nikola Criston in the eyes. Now you might be getting that feeling of ” What an Absurd Situation ” Nikola was going to be faced with.

Suddenly with out any notice the ghost lets out a horrendous scream waking and causing Nikola to tumble over in fear. He was shaking his head trying to grasp where he was and what just took place. He did not have to wait long as the dead being jumped into his field of vision. Nikola was voiceless as he stared directly into that diabolic greyish form. This had to be a dream from over drinking last night at the Gator Hole. But, this did not hold any truth as that depraved soulless ghastly ghost still was in front of his eyes. Nikola had that ” What an Absurd Situation” I am in finally. He had nothing to make this thing go away and vanish into thin air where it might belong. He had already felt that warm feeling from wetting himself. Fear was all he could feel at this moment. He did not know where or what century or decade he was in right now. Nikola was certain of one thing that ghastly greyish ghostly being in front of him. Where there more of these beings or worse ones that could harm him ? This he deserved for getting so drunk and not taking a cab home after the Gator Hole closed for the night. He could have gottoen a room at the Motel next door but no he was going to be a hero. Yeah right he was a loser stuck with a dead being. What an Absurd Situation this is for sure !!

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