What is Actually Taking Place

I know everyone likes my titles for my blogs as they may have you thinking one thing and I turn it into another thing. I am serious though given what is going on with one leader in the western world. How can one person be out to destroy all that the western world has put in place since the end of the WWll. Have you figured out who I am talking about yet ? I will let you ponder this for awhile as I create another perspective in my blog for today. One more clue he is waging economic sanctions against other countries to show he is all powerful and in control of the world. Kids usually play lots of games but a supposed adult doing that with real economies affecting billions of people. A very sad chapter in our world and its life expectancy as it drops away. Time will tell whether this person is this incompetent or stupidity runs in his back ground or not.

Lets, look back into time way back in time maybe just in case I can not find a story inside my brain for Friday afternoon. Ah, I found something to create a few great interesting paragraphs for you all to read. Ghosts are real entities that exist to confound us with stunning alertness of activities when at least unexpected. Yes, one ghost is following me as I walk around my castle like estate that I, Jarvis Skich, lives in. Not a real castle but a huge giant size house built long before I was born here in Chia in a country called Northern Tui Coriagu. We knew that ghosts had infected this grand old house as soon as we could talk and understand the reality of our lands. This ghost has been attached to me since I was very young according to my grandmother, Countess Becca Mimi Prekha, who had an imagination that was as wild as the north winds that howled through the mountain passes here. She told us many times about each ghost that haunted our household. Apparently, there had been a lot of deaths that took place over the past centuries in this old castle like structure we called home. Our ancestors were not the nicest people on the planet she had told us all. Maybe, it was because we were just young and had impressionable minds. Had to be why she created these ghosts with such vivid details of what they were capable of doing to us.

The city of Chia was in the highlands in the mountainous area of my country Northern Tui Coriagu. The mountains would be more that hospitable at times and then roar with such force bringing storms never seen or felt before. Grandmother Prekha had not seen anything like this last storm that struck that day. Chia was a very old city with a rich history going back centuries. The mountain pass where it was built protected it for the most part from being discovered by enemies over the centuries. The plateau was so huge it stretched for hundreds of miles in one direction. We used to roam for hours everyday playing games as we grew up more or less left to our own devices. Grandpa Prekha had gone off in search of some great treasure and never returned breaking the code of life in our family history. Our code said if one goes off in search of treasure he or she must return unto the families they left behind. Thus, it seemed for a century or more no one had up and left to search for any kinds of treasures. We had it turned out many treasures of different kinds under our feet. Grandma Prekha had told us this is how some evil people’s were allowed into our country thus creating the ghosts that roamed at will attaching themselves to our young boys and girls. Who knew but no one dared to question Grandma Prekha ever. When she was riled up being punished by her was a fate worse than anything experienced before in our lives. Our soft young bottoms hurt for days after she spanked us with that old wooden spoon made from old grooten tree wood. The hardest tree wood ever found in our entire country through the history books in the local government buildings.

Getting back to Grandma Prekha’s stories about these evil people turned ghosts after being put to death. From the earliest days we could not go any where out in the fields to play with out all of us going together. Grandma Prekha told us this scared the ghosts away because for some twisted reason kids held them in fear so much they had to find us alone or they would not attack us. We paid very strict attention to the rules as we grew up. Yet, those ghosts did manage to attack a few young kids when they were left alone. No one had ever recovered enough after such a fierce haunting to explain what exactly took place. It was all gibberish sludge of talking which meant no one understood them at all ever again. These ones were held in one big building in Chia for their own safety with guards around the clock. Ghosts were taken serious since they left behind samples of their work and those kids never aged or grew up. Fear could do lots of damage to ones psyche when young like we were. Our parents never left us alone in this huge old castle like house. At night when we went to bed guards were placed in our rooms in plain sight to prevent ghosts from coming after once we closed our eyes. Preventing ghosts attacks was something taken very serious by effect of law passed by governments over the last centuries.

By now you are wondering what exactly had taken place to create such drastic laws being drafted and passed by governments in the Northern Tui Coriagu. Living up high in mountain passes had toughened us through each generation but ghosts could do more harm than anything. Can you imagine silent ghosts stalking young kids sneaking up on them and taking their minds and leaving a dead soul behind encased in a empty body. Parents who had their young kids stolen like this often went mad and died unexpectedly. Dead bodies often turned up at the foot of the cliffs just out side of Chia. Ghosts had taken a huge toll on our society over the centuries. A double deadly effect causing such abnormal fear in recent decades in our young kids letting them know the entire consequences of what Ghosts were capable of.

Now take a good look at what is actually going on today and you will see what happened to these kids is happening to adults even now in Chia. And in other countries spread across the planet we live on.

12 thoughts on “What is Actually Taking Place

      1. Ashok. It just started out warming my brain up I think. I do love creating blogs that make our peers read them. I am happy ashok. I hope we meet when you come to Canada this fall. God willing.

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      2. Looks difficult this times James. It is too far off and I was seeing 2nd half of October is pretty cold for me.
        So that part of Canada next summer. Hopefully I will get a multiple entry visa 😊

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