Liebster Award

It is my pleasure to Thank Dragonwarrior07987 for Nominating me for the Liebster Award.

Please check out her blog at dragonwarrior07987. She has such an active and wonderful imagination at work. I know once you taste her blog you will keep coming back for more.

The Rules Are :

  1. Thank the Blogger(s) who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 Bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Make up 11 questions and ask them of your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees in one of their blogs.

11 Facts About Myself :

  1. I am an Ordained Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  2. I have a strong faith in God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost.
  3. I love writing about all that comes to me and ET’s are my favorite.
  4. I enjoy meeting new people in person, on social media sites and on my blog.
  5. I have always hated plain porridge.
  6. I love the Canadian Football League where we use the Three Down System.
  7. I also enjoy watching good movies which my DVD & VHS Collection attest to.
  8. I love reading books of most genres and types in my small library shows this.
  9. I would love to e a world traveler another dream of mine.
  10. I am chasing my ultimate dream of being a best selling author. I have two books out so far.
  11. I died on October 23, 1996 from a massive heart attack and I was on the other side of the veil. I met a Heavenly Being who asked me a question and I answered him. He then told me I could go back. This is true as I have spoken in my church about this often as asked. This will be part of a book when I write it.

11 Questions Asked :

1.How can you describe creativity ? Creativity is the ability to lay out a story in such a fashion that readers never get bored.

2. What brings you most smiles ? Enjoying good times with family & friends and fellow bloggers.

3. What is your favorite type of blog post ? I do not have one favorite type of blog post even though they all are worth reading and creating.

4. If you could get into any fictional place, where would it be ? I think being in Hobbit Town with Bilbo Baggins.

5. Favorite fictional character ? Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

6. The story you always wanted to write ? I will say my story about being bale to die and come back and all that I have faced since that moment.

7. Something you wish people knew about you ? Just that I am a bormal medically disabled individual who loves to laugh, talk and play like everyone else.

8. Do you keep notebooks ? Or Journal or diary ? No sorry but I should have.

9. Favorite holiday destination ? I used to love traveling to see the west coast of Canada with the rocky mountains and the ocean.

10. The type of creativity you prefer ? Origami > Arts ? Writing ? I love writing my books and my blogs. I love art work like paintings.

11. Do you watch cricket ? If yes, favorite player ? Sorry, I do not watch cricket.

My Nominees Are :

Saania2806 Fun with Phlosophy

Plain Curtains Umrah Sania

Maranda Russell


iScriblr Richa

Invisibly Me

Rakkelle Racquel Writes


ashok Musings of a Wanderer

My Questions :

  1. Your favorite novel ? Why ?
  2. Your favorite movie of all times ?
  3. Why do you enjoy writing your blog ?
  4. If you could give one piece of advice to the world to hear. What would it be ?
  5. What would your dream occupation be ?
  6. Do you have any goals for your blog for the rest of 2019 ?
  7. What is your favorite catch phrase/thing to say ?
  8. What is your favorite meal ?
  9. Who inspires you and why ?
  10. What’s the last book you read and how was it ?
  11. Bollywood or Hollywood ?

I am looking forward to reading your response to my questions to my Nominees who participate.

Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying the answers to the questions asked by me and draohwarrior07987.


47 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on the well-deserved award! But oh my goodness, your 1996 heart attack sounds scary, and what an eye-opening experience you had. Do you remember the question you were asked? You donโ€™t have to share it here as itโ€™s such a personal experience, Iโ€™m just curious. Iโ€™m glad you were sent back, you have lots of life still to live! Iโ€™d love to visit Canada! Do you think youโ€™ll go back any time..?
    Thank you very much for the kind nomination! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Caz x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Caz zThank you for the wonderful compliment only Nomination for the Liebster Award. Yes that was one incredible experience that day. Yes I do know the question that was asked of me by the Heavenly Being. Canada is.a beautiful country. I have no plans 9n going across the veil unless Heavenly Father has other plans. You are welcome for the Nomination. Your blog great and interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Sonali I agree with you my friend and fellow Blogger. God will make us true students of his word and his commandments we just need to ask. I did and Love him with all my heart, mind and strength.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Incredible James. I never thought I would ever meet/know anyone who has gone and come back from beyond.
    All the very best for your world roaming intentions and best selling author. You write so well.
    I intend visiting Canada for the first time this fall and maybe we can meet!
    And thank you so much for my nomination.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Ashok for the great thoughts you sent my way. I never thought I would be one to see the other side and come back. I believe in dreaming big and traveling the world and being a best selling author are two of those big dreams of mine.

      You do deserve the Nomination Ashok. Your writing pulls me every time I read your blog.

      Liked by 2 people

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