Monday Blues Not Sure

There was once a saying that when we feel down it is Monday Blues because it usually takes place on a Monday. I have had tons of “those Mondays ” in my life and today is another episode of it. Than again I have had some incredible Mondays as I have never really listened to blues but some times yes. Does any of this make sense or am I out of it today ? I do feel like my head is about to burst with those drum beats inside of it. Super headaches on Monday’s could be Monday Blues right ? I can only use Advil or Ibuprofen to control my headaches. I am allergic to other headache medications like Tylenol and Acetaminophen. This is a sick twisted way to have Monday Blues seven days a week. Trust me I know. I am off track a bit from my title of this blog. Maybe, it is just up to each one of us to differentiate between reality and the drum beats pounding in our heads as they crush our brains. That Monday Blues is bad in some ways and extremely bad in other cases.

On top of this Monday Blue feeling is partially from taking blood thinners and taking Ibuprofen is that it can cause internal bleeds. Scary but I am suffering from to many health problems that effect what medications I can take as I get older each day and each week etc. Over using other medications have created more problems for me which increases my ” Monday Blues” feelings. What can I take to solve my “Monday Blues” feelings ? Take three Ibuprofen three times a day and only this amount. Any more and I cause problems unintended on my body so my ” Monday Blues” feelings would kick with full force right. I play my music as loud as I can as I have no neighbours close by. I think most people are like me anyways about loving music loud. Most genres of music is created to be played loud and we do that well I do.

” Monday Blues” can be and should be interpreted in these ways or more I guess could effect us in more ways and means.

I have an escape that I use to assist me through such painful” Monday Blues”. This run away is to reach for my Bible or The Book of Mormon. I love scriptures as they allow me to find the help I truly need from Our Heavenly Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost. It works for me and I know I love God as he provides life and happiness etc for all of us. I do not worry if you do not believe in God. We all the right to believe in any religion or any way we want.

My ” Monday Blues” are real and hurtful and spiteful towards me for no reason to be honest. I just hope and pray that your ” Monday Blues” are not so bad towards your life on Mondays or any weekday !! My music is loud and it soothes my nerves and my brain will settle down once more in awhile.

You can always grab a book and kick back relax and read all day. I have been fortunate enough to buy a couple of new books. One I had many decades ago called ” The Power of Positive Thinking ” By Norman Vincent Peale. An incredible book to help turn your world around. The other book is called ” The Stories In Between : A Collection of Dark & Twisted Tales” By River Dixon. Plus I have hundreds of other books in my collection. New books bring such a sensation to our hands and fingers as we hold it and turn each page as we read through them. Almost like magic we are so far into a fictional or a real twisted world that our feelings are numbed and we forgot about what was bothering us right.

I am almost singing along because no one can hear me as I said. The song is called ” Blue Suede Shoes” lol What a coincidence on a Monday afternoon now. Find as many of these songs that just pop up out of the “blue” !!

20 thoughts on “Monday Blues Not Sure

  1. Once you mentioned about meditation class – have you ever being back to class ? … suppose for you “ writing “ is like meditation .. guess .

    Take very care of yourself – and all here (.. nice bloggers here ).

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