This is True Please Read

I just used this title because it is about what happened once upon a time and then I undid it and then redid it. Sounds weird but it is true trust me.

I wrote and published my first book ” A Walk in Time” and self published it through a company called ” Xlibris Publishing”. I eventually took my book away from them because of knowing I was being ripped off. Talking did nothing to resolve this ugly situation with them. I was and still will one day have it with another company that I trust 100 % with my book. But for now I am unable to reach this point.

In order to have my book ” A Walk in Time” available for sale I have had to relist with “Xlibris Publishing” . I hope now people will buy my book even though they must have been frustrated through this entire period as I was. Please find it in a few days on your favorite book on line book site or at your favorite book store they can order it for you all.

So, now you know why I used this title for short story to tell the truth of what took place. I am sorry to all those who tried to find it and were unable to. I will not let this happen again have faith in me and trust my word. I could not survive with out loyal readers of my books.

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