A White Storm Coming

You know those types of mornings when nothing seems to be right no matter how hard you try. That is until those weird untold screeching noises start up after a long hiatus. Those white legends last appeared so long ago really or it seems like that to my mind and heart. The noises came about just as I was about to create a new method for ensuring I could capture them in a round barrel type instrument. Their way of getting even before I got started at attacking them with a secret weapon. Now I knew they had access to my thoughts in order to stop me in such a way. Horrid, repugnant loud unnerving sounds coming from all angles bouncing off the walls surrounding me.

Sorry, I should recall my manners and tell you my name ; it is Caden Gregory. Not famous or anything maybe after all this ends with my barrel capturing piece of equipment. Only if I can stop the white legend from winning this round of the high frequency noise war. Not sure if I can find something to cover my ears and protect them from those noxious obscene screeching creatures or beings. Hard to describe something that is white and hides behind the revolting, ghastly sounds similar to running your nails across a black board. Soft rubber plugs in my ears do not prevent the high onslaught of noises. The search is on for saving my ears.

After walking through this old cabin by the river it struck me as to what to use. Caden, had some head phones from listening to loud music out here with out scaring anyone or any creature who lived here. If, they could keep music inside why not stop that heinous, white legend noise out of my ears. He was pumped now with being able to finish off his project to capture that loud disgusting, grisly noise and stomp out the White Legend. I was hopefully going to be able to win for sure. I slid them on and no more of the White Legend noise entering my ear drums! Yahoo !! I was stunned beyond belief actually. I just stood there in one spot for what seemed a long time. Yet, how should I write this story. As Caden or myself ? I did all this with some help from my friends, August Harris and Lawrence Emery.

August and Lawrence and I grew up together going way back to when we were around six years old. Forever and than some as good close friends. They walked in just after I was slowly piecing that round barrel capturing machine all up. I had to use my phone to write out what was going on with that White Legend Noise. Lucky they brought their ear phones for their phones with them. Both scurried out to grab them and insert those buds as fast as lightning. it seemed to be that fast. We all smiled and high fives with each other. The war was on against that White Legend Noise.

Tracking white noise was not strange to any of us today. A long time ago we had bought some high frequency noise locators. Just in case we chased wild animals in the woods at night. Our parents were unreal that way allowing us to seek out what was cool and interesting. Growing up this way was unreal here. After all those years ago our old ideas were pushing all of us into what we always wanted. Tracking ghostly noises from the edge of the forest behind my home. White noises seemed real but as we grew they left and we went our ways into teenager haunts. Now we are the aged ghost trackers with our first white noise that returned to track. Should be a bit strange but scary actually. Or both of those we were not sure. We could not remove the ear plugs now. So smiles, shrugs and using our fingers to point directions to go along with if we agreed. Right than we all felt sure that White Legend Noise was going to be history tonight soon. One step forward being carefully not make any noises that would give our location away to ghosts like figures.

Something was out in front of us causing a disturbance as we could see squirrels, rabbits and some birds moving fast. We all stopped and used our phones to message each other. It seemed we agreed that being slow and careful was the key. None of us had any idea what to do if and when we captured the White Legend Noise along with the White Legend. Our noise capturing barrel equipment was behind us, way back. Plus we needed each other to use that machine let alone capture both these enemies from our youth. Yet, we had to have a meeting to figure out these circumstances or it might be death to us. Thankfully our phones were well charged at this time which gave us more courage to push forward. All of a sudden what had to be a fast dark avenger circling us. We had sent out our intentions by mistake. They knew how to use technical things like phones and stuff.

We had to retreat faster than they could move forward. One miss step and it would be over. Al of a sudden the giant back yard light light up the night sky. We were saved from certain death thanks to my parents who came out unexpectedly but the right time.


8 thoughts on “A White Storm Coming

    1. It i snot from either. I just made it up as I wrote it. Glad you liked this bottomlesscoffee007. It is an actual fictional story from my mind. When my posts are true I say they are. When they are fictional I use a name generator.

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