Great News Today

Hello Everyone. I want you all to know that ” IngramSpark” is now the Official World Wide Distributor for my book ” The Haunting of Marcasite”. You can still buy it in soft bound cover, epub and ebook editions. I hope you will take advantage of this new connection and enjoy reading my book.

Thanks in advance and I am smiling and extremely happy today !!


38 thoughts on “Great News Today

    1. Hello Rakelle I am still listening to your podcast. It is some cool to listen to you both just talking stuff. sounds amazing and I enjoy it. You and 007 are great to listen to. I am learning lots. Thank you to you both

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      1. sorry to hear that calmkate. I just received 100 GB of Data Free each month from my Internet Provider for being a loyal customer since 2009. I was happy and impressed with their Loyalty Program !!

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      2. No sorry. I wish I could as you need it. I am loyal to my suppliers like this. From where I live to all my household needs. I get great deals that others do not get. My family is shocked when I get these deals. I have a higher power on my side.

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