Today Behind The Clouds

Today is one of those days that make me think about what is behind those clouds. If we could get get rid of the haze and clouds what would we see shining back down on us. Maybe do you think it would be stars twinkling ever so peacefully against the pitch black darkness of space. Or it might possibly be the huge planets stretching ever so closely reaching out in real friendship. What ever lets push back those earthly bounds creating a free wide open canvas before our eyes. Look deep deeper into and around those stunning glazing twinkling heavenly stars searching for anything that will grab us by the eye balls. Just do not be scared or afraid because we are locked safe back here on earth. Or are we ? If, you are not sure then grab the seat belts and lock them into position. There now, you are very secure now while that studded star infected night sky is ready for to be searched.

Just stare out into the glossy starry blackness in front of you and forget about the seat belts holding you in place. Because for this trip which will be all like trying to recognize exactly what is in front of your eyes. Can you see that object just crossing the slim horizon ? You can not miss that dark pot mocked scarred moon that circles the planet below your feet. Unless you are fixated on that giant circular craft approaching fast coming up on your left. The one that has those different colored lights flashing around the middle of it. No, it is not at all like the neon lights in Times Square these ones are indicating it is a explanatory explorer from maybe the Zdotad Galaxy Alliance. No one had ever seen this type of space machine before until this morning. Be glad you have those seat belts strapped tightly to your body. The fire power on board was enough to take down the largest earthly ship.

Just adjust that mind inside your head before it exploded from such deep rooted fear. The gears might come tearing themselves apart if you are not careful. Maybe, no one had explained how life works in majestic weird ways. Today, was one of those weird days full of surprises from dawn till who knew when exactly. Pull down those shoe tops and grab your toes before something came crashing along the top of your head. That might just be your brain running faster scared than you can ever run to catch up. You are probably extremely happy your seat belt is bolted to the floor of your house right now. Not only that but the chair is also fastened to the beam under the floor boards. You will never be able to run to grab your mind before it flies away never to be found again. At least your chair and the seat belts are insured against damage. You were always a great thinker at times. How did you and the insurance agent count on this outer space attack actually taken place today at such a huge pay out advantage to you ?

Are your eyes still attached to the muscles inside your eye sockets ? If , not than you might have another major default on your insurance rates. Just saying something with a drawing power of this gigantic explanatory explorer could just break the the largest insurance claims ever lodged in one simple days worth of work. Not that I know squat about insurance but I know lots about the agents that can be manipulated right to the end of the bed room they have booked for such stunning and incredible cases like this one. The larger most ridiculous thing is who will ever believe what is going on now ? This is where the involved claimants can and usually grab the insurance agent of their liking and take them back into a magical Malagasy Queasy stem flowered into blooms with love from that agent or agents chosen to get themselves slowly swinging back and forth until at some point in time in the early morning both of them will come crashing into each other and releasing their anger and spasm creating a lustful brand new fast fucking flying machine operated by their off spring with those great toys he was born with after science took over his mind. Not LSD. Not Acid. Not Meth. Not any drug ever again would be found here ever ever again. Except no one not any one could be alive once the explanatory explorer blows us this decrepit planet correct says the Judge in Charge. The bottom line is bend over and grab your cheeks and pull your self up and kiss your ass good bye. I would if I were here. But alas, I was never here just mental observant as I am saw it all. Bye for goodness sake.


17 thoughts on “Today Behind The Clouds

    1. Hello Adithya. I never thought about it until I started thinking what to create for everyone to read. It is weird but strange is also a good word for it. Glad you found something from reading my good friend. Smiles and happiness for you Adithya !!

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