One Night of Bliss

There was a guy by the name of Sanford Grotiller who was a granite worker by trade. He always wanted to be something on the other side of life. Someone who was rich and with a mansion and a few incredible cars in his garage. That is why he kept dreaming day after day while he toiled creating wonders with granite. He made exquisite items from art forms to exotic kitchen tops. He was in demand by a huge stable of high end clients across the country. His work took him across from the east to the west at least once a week. The entire time he kept creating a new world to live in during the cool summer nights. Just one night of bliss was his cry inside his soul which was over powering his concentration. Sanford needed to do something soon or he would go insane from not trying to calm his inner waves of energy.  His feelings fluttered deeper and deeper as the hours passed while working which was not work as he loved his career. He just wanted one night of bliss complete with the one lady he had constantly dreampt of.

Nothing crazy Sandford just required  a release from his lonely life with just one night of bliss. He knew that some how that lady existed in real life. Sandford could not get this extrodinary, awesome creation of out of mind. Finally, Sandford decided to try to find her he started to search on line for such an amazing lady. He had lots of time every night after work to push the limits of his soul in order to satisfy that silent urge he hid all day long. His mantra was just one night of bliss. This was not anything of wasteful time or energy for him. He was after all a master granite worker in constant demand. But, this mantra was driving his spirit to enclose this one night of bliss with a huge banner across his heart. Such a struggle was the one giant push forcing his creation to fullment. Sanford was a reasonable human being with expectations a little more than other people’s had experienced. How did Sandford know this ? He had his mantra that had yet to see what could be attached after one night of bliss. Sandford was becoming a true romantic lost in time just as it his work filled his life and his bank account. This was not enough any more Sanford’s family required him to have a wife and family by now.

Sandford’s first love was his beautiful granite stone work that he carved and turned into such unbelieveable exquisite creations. His hands were so loving as touched his one and only beautiful shades of granite into a very special being way past stunning. Everyone recognized Sandfords one true love no matter where he performed with his loving hands fulfilling contractual demands. Sandford wanted one night of bliss. Yes, young Sandford Grotiller was just going through what any superlitive granite master had perviosuly gone through. First, Sandford needed to announce to his family his romantic endeavours were lost among his most loving creations spread across the country. How could they even begin to understand what Sandford was going through ? Sanford felt time had come to address his dream of one night of bliss very very soon. This feeling was ready to burst out into the open some time soon. His dream creation was waiting for him out there in the world. He had so many years before those wonders might surpass his abilities. He could not forgo those urges for one night of bliss with his equsite woman whom he created and searched for on line each night. Sandford thought and thought finally creating a way to be both a master granite carver and still have that one night of bliss. This had to work out for Sandford. His one build up to this taking shape was being pushed by his inner being who wanted to experience the love of a woman. The soft loving form of a woman in his arms. He would go after this one of night of bliss with all he had to offer.

That night was to start at a supper dinner party with others of his age and concerns in life. That was what had driven him to come here plus he saw a picture of the most beautiful stunning women ever. She had to be the one Sandford knew for a fact. Thus, in the end Sandford Grotiller go tot hold his dream woman who was soft and loving beyond his wildest dreams. They both were some surprised that the profiles they had created actually brought them here to be together. Sandford knew at that second they were meant for each other. She also agreed. Her name is Bailey Henrick. Two unassuming lovers who knew that one night of bliss was all they wanted for now. It worked out




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