Inspiring Times

We all have those times which build fires inside each of us to get moving forward fast. They make us feel so inspired completely happy full of ability to create magic in everything we create. Hanging onto those moments while we decide what to do in the best way possible. As a writer and a blogger I strike while the irons are extremely hot. This way nothing can get away from my thoughts while building prison cells using words to hold them. My fingers tend to jump faster than my thoughts can push out the words down through my arm muscles and nerves. My heart smiles as the stories take shape on the pages. I truly hope everyone who reads my blogs and books will appreciate how many exact expressions of fear, doubt and anxiety it took to finish off each one.

Trying to compile a story about how I write stories is not something I look forward to at all. However, thinking of how to make others smile over the wonders of my mind coming out just for them; this is a fantastic journey to strike out on. Let’s take a quick look at such work of threading my way around works of wonder. I will create another short blog today.

We are taking a look at an early writer way back before there were computers and e-mail services. The situation was different due to having to stoke fires with wood or coal. Each time the writer was getting into the story line the heat would drop off and the cloud of cold breath hung in the air. Their feet and toes were starting to get cold pushing them to move returning hot air to the house. Type writers were actually very noisy loud clacky machines. The ribbons once they were worn out and at the end of their use they had to replaced. The ink from new ribbons always seemed to get all over the ends of their finger tips. Yet, writers still stayed focused on creating master pieces for their loyal readers and new readers.

Another big difference using type writers was correcting mistakes that happened. They used what was called white out. A white liquid in a bottle with a small brush attached to the lid. You had to brush the stuff over the letters or words you wanted to erase or correct. Once the white out dried off then you can slide the paper back and start correcting errors. I can just see young readers wondering what century am I talking about. I was one of untold millions who used type writers and the dreaded white out correction material.

Instead of storing the pages of books or blog story in hard drive storage area actual pages of paper manuscripts were stacked up. You had to be careful not to accidentally push this pile over. Okay, I was clumsy at times.

Once the entire manuscript was finished a writer had to purchase large vanilla envelopes to mail their stories away in. Often the cost to send copies away was expensive. Today we think nothing of sending e-mails of manuscripts for free with ease. Posting blogs is fast and just as easy.

Today’s writers myself included only require our imaginations to be unlocked and unleashed upon each page. Frustrations can still be felt from other sources like family members and friends or noisy neighbors. I allow myself to escape when writing by cranking up the music as loud as possible. I block out any and all distractions this way which make me smile.

I will admit I have times when writing my blogs I sit in complete silence because the story demands quiet. Especially when it sort of causes me to be disconcerted about what I am writing. I am sort of easily scared about weird things going on. I know early writers faced more obstacles when creating stories than we do today.

I hope the whole world has a great exciting Thursday filled with extreme happiness !!


15 thoughts on “Inspiring Times

  1. I love how you compared the method of writing then and now. I wasn’t apart of the typewriter era but my sister was and in the earlier parts of the 20th century, she still used it for writing and we got to use it as well from watching her using it. I enjoyed using it and loved to hear the lil “ting” sound at the end of it after a sentence was completed! I love the vintage way still, although the new is better and more convenient. It was funny! God bless & take care! ❀


    1. I liked your views on this post. Using a typewriter was really part of an era growing up in it. That ” ting ” was amusing and would sort of jolt you awake when we really got into writing. The new way is much better and efficient way to write on here or on social media sites. God bless & take care !

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      1. Yes the vintage stuff brings back so many old coveted memories from times gone by. We can relate to the stuff and we can smile and chuckle and maybe laugh out loud at ties when no on is looking lol

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