Faith, Hope and Belief

Today I fully comprehend these words faith, hope and belief. These three words once drew me out of the deepest slide in my life. I have always been thankful for their companionship over the years. Yet, today they mean more than ever to me and I hope all of you as well.

Faith in a power higher than ourselves to me is God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. His written words fill us with faith to carry on through even the worst of times knowing all things are possible through God. Faith is a must to encourage a positive attitude to emerge inside each of us. Every morning we awake should fill us with faith for the happiness and success we will face. I am full of faith for a good life to come my way to allow miracles to occur. Faith is a must to over come any deficiencies we have inside of each of us. With faith nothing should be allowed to bend us in any storm. Just know faith is very important just as rain is to parched soil.

Hope is an in born requirement to make dreams come true with a burning desire that will not fade away. Hope will never leave our side as long we picture a better life ahead for each of us. To me not having hope would be a real sad state of being lost in time with no where to turn. Having hope was another part of what turned my life from dark to one filled with light. I knew from the deepest part of my being hope was alive and well and until you have stood where I was then you have not seen hope in action. This feeling of hope entered me once more making things move forward. I knew I had to change this world of hurt I had put myself in. Hope became part of what drove me to seek the help I would need to enter a new life filled with faith, hope and belief in myself.

Belief in yourself through a higher power can and does move mountains as the bible says. Coming from the depths of despair into the real world had to be done with a belief so strong nothing could stand in its way. My belief started one morning when I said enough was enough. To wake up from the  lost frame of a soul in the wilderness of the cold concrete city made this belief in myself become real. I knew faith, hope and belief in God and his help for me was within reach. I reached out with all the faith, hope and belief I had. Leaving that sick, sad part of life was easier than most people think. I have never looked back since. Having a belief in a higher power than myself along with the assistance of opening up to others in the same situation was good.

Faith, hope and belief are musts to succeed in the way we live within society. Life must be happy and filled with these three words all the time. As hard as some days are once we have faith, hope and belief in a higher power nothing will escape our grasps. As one who has stood on that precipice between dark and light that one cold morning trust in faith, hope and a belief in change worked. At least for me life became something to chase after to re-enter as a fellow human being.

Now, I have a greater sense of faith, hope and belief required to keep asking in my prayers for. I know God will answer in his own time and his own way my faith, hope and belief says so. I am truly a very grateful, better person each day do to being where I came from back then. My faith, hope and belief in myself continues to grow through my efforts to write my daily blogs for you all to read my thoughts. Yes, it takes a lots of faith, hope and belief to expose my soul to a world of people I do not know. There are lots of people I do know who read my thoughts as I lay them bare each day here in my blogs. Fear of the unknown has long ago disappeared from inside me. Now with my faith, hope and belief I cautiously move through time relying on a higher power to guide me along.

I hope today I have shown how three words has helped to change and improve my life and the world around me. Never let fear stop you from seeking to increase your faith, hope and belief in yourself or anything really. Dreams can be achieved using these three words. I am using them to write as I said my daily blogs and also to write my books in hopes of becoming a best selling author. I am proud to share my thoughts with everyone due to having faith, hope and belief along with me. I also have God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by my side in this journey I am on.

Happy Saturday and always keep faith, hope and belief with you each day everyone !!

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